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So your Amazon Fire Tablet started to give some issue where the Screen not responding and you are unable to use your Tablet. If only there was a way to make the screen responsive again, well guess what? there is and its very easy and let me show you how in this guide.

Why is this Happening?

So in a case where your Tablet Screen not responding you simply have a case where your device has become frozen in most cases. If you follow the steps below your device can be made responsive again.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial and see what to do to fix this problem now.

Click Play

How to Fix the Problem

So this one should only take a minute or two.

1.Go ahead and find your power and volume down button.

2.Hold both buttons until the screen goes blank.

3.If the Tablet does not start up by itself then go ahead and press power while the screen is blank or off.

4.The Tablet should start again and all the contents should be there and your device is responsive.

One more thing:

What are your thoughts on this particular issue and the fix? Please let me know in the comments below and please share the guide. You can also check out some more of my content.

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