Samsung Laptop not Turning on

You pay so much money for these gadgets and the last thing you need is for your Samsung Laptop to not be Turning on at all. Chances are though it should be fixable in most cases. This guide will show you all the things you can run through to possibly get your Laptop back up.

Please follow each step directly and take your time and one should work for you my friend. Thanks again for everything and for checking out the article.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video tutorial for directions on what to do step by step.

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How to Fix your Laptop?

Try every step below in the order they are given to get your Samsung laptop back up.

1.Go ahead and plug in your Laptop and charge it for at least 30 minutes. Chances are in some cases the battery is completely drained. Try powering up after.

2.If the above did not work press and hold the power button for 15-20 seconds and then press the power button once. The Laptop in some cases should power up.

3.Check your Charger, I suggest replacing it with another and see if that helps in charging and powering up your device. Borrow from a friend or family with a similar device.

4.Change charge ports if your devise uses USB-C, change the wall outlet your device is charging from switch directly from the wall and not a energy strip.

5.Connect your Laptop to a external monitor and see if you get something on the monitor. The issue may be the display.

6.If your device has a removable battery go ahead and remove it. Run the Laptop on direct power, and then replace battery later. If you have a none removable battery then go ahead and try the allow the battery to drain or leave it for a period in which it would drain and try charging and powering up again.

Before You Go

Trying all the above can easily solve this problem were your Samsung Laptop is not powering up. Please take the time now to share your feedback in the comments and please check out some more content.

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