Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Review

I finally got My Galaxy S22 Ultra in hand after what felt like a very long wait that seemed to stretch into forever. This has become a main issue for anyone waiting on their device. If you are awaiting a Galaxy S22 in a rare color your wait will even be longer.

I decided to Go with the Burgundy color but after waiting so long I decided and ordering very close to release date in February only to have my order which should have been shipped right away push back two months. I decided to switch from Burgundy to Phantom Black and instead of a 2 Month wait after pre-ordering with a rescheduled I got mine shipped in a week and here we are.

I also took some time to really test the device out and know it before doing this review.

Whats Inside the Box?

Inside the Box you will find the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra I opted for the Phantom Black, 256 GB US unlocked version. I must say I am not disappointed with the color at all.

This year there is no charger in the box, you do get a USB-C cable that has USB-C at both ends, do note this is not like the USB-C to USB that comes with your traditional charger and can only be used to connect the computer to a PC with a USB-C port and not charging per say.

So you will need a Adapter and a cable for charging. One may think Samsung wants you to get that 45 watt charger. Traditionally its no biggy as you most likely have a old Samsung OEM Charger lying around that will work great.

Also in the Box is a Quick start guide, SIM eject Tool and that’s it. Very lightweight and clean box that significantly smaller than usual.

First Impressions: Phantom Black

If you are accustomed to a Plus series device the size is not bad, but this device looks and feels like a note. This is because its very boxy and has a heft to the weight it carries. Plus series device tend to have much more angles and a more curved feel.

The phone itself looks really good and is a solid device you can really depend on and is sure to turn heads and no one will doubt what this phone is. Personally it will take some time to get accustomed to the new shape but this should not be an issue.

There is however a need for a case and a screen protector and I would not advise you keep the phone naked for too long. After all a S22 is a hefty device with a very large price tag to boot.

Be warned be careful not to place the SIM eject tool into the Mic port so pay careful attention when ejecting the SIM tray. It could be the difference between a quick install and a brick of a device with a damaged mic.

Video Unboxing:

Check out the Video Unboxing that takes a look at what is shaping up to be the phone of the year for sure. Please leave your comments and feedback please.

Click Play

Device Performance and Power

For reference my daily device is a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and now I am upgrading to the S22 Ultra after a very long wait. You can imagine the leap that was made here though most users upgrade every 2-3 years. This is for my personal device though as I use various gadgets over time that come along although I don’t necessary own them.

Video Review:

See my Video Review below that looks on all the features of this device.

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My Experience

What I love about the S22 Ultra overall is the great big display that’s super crisp.Also I love the Zoom Lens which does a solid job of zooming the moon. The Macro Shots are also very good for those close up shots.

I also find that the S.Pen is really nice addition that I did not know I wanted. I find that it always surprises me, for example I had a PDF I wanted to sign recently with a Signature and I found that the S Pen was perfect for the Job. So I did not need to print anything out to have it signed. How cool is that.

The S22 Ultra is packed full of features you will simply love and upgrading from the S10 plus. I am very pleased with My purchase and I am sure you will like it too.

Why Get the S22 Ultra?

You Should definitely get the S22 Ultra as

1.It has a Sold set of cameras for Zooming up to 100x and Macro shots for more details close up.

2.The S Pen with very low latency for smooth writing.

3.A large and crisp screen.

4.The power is also good as you have top of the line specs that will blaze through any task.

Why Skip the S22 Ultra?

Its also a expensive device and without a SD card slot you will probably buy the 256 GB version or higher. Which means you will have to pay much more.But if you want the best and are willing to pay the price,go ahead and get it as its worth the price.

Where to buy?

You can purchase your Galaxy S22 Ultra at this link here.


I definitely recommend the S22 Ultra and If you want the best then go ahead and get it. I recommend the 256 version at least as you will get more bang for your buck in terms of performance and storage. See you in our next article or review my friend.

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