How to Split Screen S22 Ultra

So this guide will show you how to split screen s22 ultra. The process is pretty straight forward and easy once you know what to do. I will also include some additional tips to help you out as well.

With this feature you can increase productivity by having two important Apps open at the same time. I do hope you find this useful.

Video Guide:

Check out my video guide that will walk you through the process and show you the ropes.

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How to Split Screen S22?

So in order to split screen

1.Open the main App you want to be split on screen.

2.Minimize the App and click on the recent App button.In the recent App Screen click on the Icon above the preview of the App.

3.Choose : Open in Split Screen View.

4.Below that choose the second compatible App to open.

Do note that not all apps are compatible with this mode. But there is a fix for that though.

Make More Apps compatible with Split Screen View

In order to make more Apps compatible with Split screen go ahead and

1.Go to settings.

2.Next Advanced features and then Labs.

3.Turn on the two features seen in this menu especially the: Multi Window for All Apps. Please note that when this feature is on all Apps will be able to be used in Multi Window.

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