S22 How to Save Battery

The great problem with all smartphones is always how to extract every last ounce of power you can out of your device. This can be a more or less fight as Battery life always seems to be fleeting and never last long enough.

My guide will show some tips to get all you can out of the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and the S22 Ultra respectively. You should with these tips be able to get additional battery life from your device and have the battery last longer.

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This is my video guide that sums up everything you need to know about saving battery on your S22 series of devices.

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How to Save Battery Life on the S22?

In order to save Battery on the S22 devices such as the S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra go ahead and do the following.

1.Turn off all unnecessary features on your device that may not be in use. You can turn them on as needed this includes: Bluetooth,WiFi,Mobile data, WiFi Calling.

2.Turn on Dark Mode and Keep your phone in that Mode the Black Background will save on Battery.

3.Choose a Wallpaper that’s Black or with lots of Black this will save power as when as on these displays when a pixel is off its actually completely black.

4.Reduce screen brightness to about quarter or less and turn off adaptive brightness. This works well if you are mostly indoors.

5.Turn on Power Saving Mode, this mode will save lots of power and you can customize it as well.

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That should for the most part do it as it relates to this guide. If you have any feedback please share your thoughts in the comments and please check out some more articles as well.

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