Cppslee Led Flame Light Bulbs

So I had some decorative lamp light fixtures and wanted to add a cool look to them to make them look more like a lamp shade. I started to research Flaming Light Bulbs and went with the Cppslee Led Flame Light Bulbs.

I must say since they came so highly recommended I decided to do a review which is seen here.

Do they look like Flames?

I must say that the Cppslee Led Flame Light Bulbs do produce realistic looking flames. From the color to the intensity of the burn and the flicker like a real fire. There are four mode which can be activated by turning the bulbs on and off.

The First Mode that models a Flame is my Favorite. You can see my Unboxing and first impressions video below to see everything yourself.

Unboxing and Impressions Video:

Check out my unboxing and see what this device looks like and what you get.

Click Play

Why Buy these Flaming Bulbs?

1.Realistic Looking Flames.

2.Value Pack of Four (4).

3.You get four Modes.

4.Great Price.

5.Very Energy Efficient.

Why Skip These

1.These are larger than a standard LED bulb.

Where to Buy?

You can buy your Cppslee Led Flame Light Bulbs in the link here.


If your Aim is a Flaming LED Bulb then I would say go with these no problem and I doubt you will be disappointed. The Flaming effects are true to life and it does rotate to fit any install. The Four Modes are great and its easy to install and start enjoying these right off the bat.

I am so far loving these and only time will tell if these will last. You can ask your questions below and feel free to comment with feedback or check out even more reviews.

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