AmeriTop Motion Sensor Light Bulb

If you have ever needed a security product with a specific use that makes all the difference the AmeriTop Motion Sensor Light Bulb are that product.

You can use these Sensor light Bulbs to have the lights come on automatically in a specific area such as a staircase or add it in a area outside that you want to add some security to. They will come on automatically and may scare away a intruder. This is so as these Bulbs turn on when they sense motion in the area.

My Impressions of the Product

I like that this AmeriTop Motion Sensor Light Bulb have a cool security feature in that they come on when sensing motion. I mainly bought these for security.

The sensor is on the base of the Bulb and can be seen which distinguishes this bulb from a normal one. I wished that this was more hidden though. These bulbs are bright at 806 lumens and they produce natural white light that similar to daylight at 5000k daylight.

There is little I can say about a Bulb but this one so far seems to be a solid buy. So I do recommend it and other customers seems to love it as well.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video guide and learn more about this product.

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What I like about this product?

I like a number of things about the AmeriTop Motion Sensor Light Bulb which includes

1.The great price and you get two (2) bulbs in the pack.

2.Its very bright.

3.Motion detection works well.

4.Comes with a great rating.

What I don’t like?

So far I only dislike the implementation of the motion detector at the base of the bulb which could have been placed better. To make the bulb look more normal.


I suggest that if you need a motion sensing light bulb then give this AmeriTop Motion Sensor Light Bulb a try. Its a great product and if you have a staircase, dark section of the yard that you want to detect movement in then try this product out.

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