Change Wallpaper iOS 16

So the process of changing your Wallpaper on iOS 16 on your iPhone has changed a bit. I personally find that the new feature makes customizing your lock screen with widgets and filters for your wallpaper is great.

You can even have a few pre-arranged wallpapers that you have saved that you can change on the fly. The update is welcomed and I love it on my iPhone that’s running iOS 16.1.

What you need to know?

So the update is available in iOS 16.1 and you can get this wallpaper feature in any newer iPhone such as iPhone 11,12,13,14 and so on.

Video Guide:

See my video guide for the directions now.

Click Play

New Way to change your Wallpaper iOS 16:

In order to change your Wallpaper

1.Go to settings.

2.Wallpaper option.

3.Click Add new Wallpaper. Choose from the options available or browser for a picture in your Gallery.

4.Swipe from right to left to change filter and add a widget if you like for the lock screen. You can save or add your newly created wallpaper which will be added to your stack.

You can now create new wallpapers or choose from the one you already made. I love this new feature as it makes wallpapers much more dynamic.

I do hope you enjoyed the guide and feel free to see more guide and give your feedback in the comments. See you in the next article.

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