How to Use Quick Share Samsung

If you are still transferring files using your USB cable from your Samsung phone to your computer or desktop you are missing out.First you have to find the cable connect it, find the file by browsing and transfer it after a long wait to your computer.

With Quick Share the file you need can be instantly found and transferred in a fraction of the time of a traditional cable transfer. So if you want to know how this works then follow the directions below.

Please Note:

Do note that Quick share can be found on Samsung Galaxy phones usually already installed seeing its a Samsung feature. You can use to transfer between smartphones and phone and Samsung Laptop.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the following video tutorial and see how its done.

Click Play

How to use Quick Share?

1.Go to settings on your Samsung Galaxy.

2.Search for : Quick Share settings.

3.Where it says who can share set it to:”Anyone nearby” for ease of use.

4.Open Quick Share on your computer and make sure its also set to Anyone nearby.

5.Now send a file from either device. On your phone find a single file and click on share and choose Quick share. Your Laptop or other phone should show up.

That’s it do hope you enjoyed the guide and learned something that can really help you out in future file transfers. Please feel free to comment, share and check out some more articles as I have a whole bunch of them just for you.

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