Samsung Battery Widget not showing watch Fix

One of the first thing you may notice when you get a new Galaxy Watch is that the Samsung Battery Widget not showing watch. Do not worry I was there as well and encountered this problem.

I have put together this fix that will show you how to solve this problem easily. This problem happens more than you think and is a simple fix once you know why its happening.

How to Have your Smartwatch show on the Battery Widget?

Do the following to fix the Widget to show your watch on your Samsung Galaxy.

1.Go ahead and make sure your Smartphone and watch are connected. Check this in Galaxy Wearable,click three lines upper right and make sure it shows connected.

2.Long press the battery widget icon and go to settings. Click on device to show and make sure that Watch is on and click save.

3.Now this is the one that solved it for me: Make sure to update your Smartwatch to the latest software. So launch Galaxy Wearable and go to watch settings.Go to Watch Software update and update your watch. You may have to update your watch several times to get the latest update which will allow the watch to show up on the battery widget.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video tutorial below to learn what to do to fix your Galaxy Watch to show in the battery widget.

Click Play

Why did this Happen?

Some Galaxy Watches come with older or base software.The battery widget feature was added to the Samsung Galaxy later on and as such its common that the older software would not be able to report the battery level to the widget.

Once you update the software on the Galaxy watch though the battery will be reported and the Battery widget will show the watch as it should.

Before you Go

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