Invicta men’s 12642 Lupah Quartz 3 Hand Silver Dial Watch Review 5

The Invicta Men’s 12642 Lupah Quartz 3 Hand Silver Dial Watch is a sophisticated device that will not only look very stylish decked out on your arm, but it will never become commonplace with it’s various interchangeable bands, that can all be changed on the fly for convenience and style.

Ever had several watches for various suits? There is no need with the Invicta men’s 12642 as it can match any situation or dress code simply by accessorizing the bands as need to match your formal or casual clothing. Being a true 100% authentic Invicta product know that you are getting the best product and quality workmanship that is well known for the Invicta brand.

This classic style Quarts based watch is made from all Swiss parts for a impeccable time piece that will not miss a second or a beat as it keeps time precisely for you. Simply set it up once and forget it as it does it’s thing.

Invicta men's 12642 Lupah Quartz 3 Hard Silver Dial Watch

Invicta men’s 12642 Lupah Quartz Watch

One of the most outstanding things about this watch rite from the start is not something that you would traditionally buy a watch for and that’s for the Invicta 12642’s beautifully crafted yellow case. Yes I know but one cannot resist the urge to admire beautiful craftsmanship when its seen, especially in the most unlikely of places and the Invicta 12642 comes in a beautifully crafted leather like sown case that just large enough to make you want to put it on display when it’s not adorning your wrist.

Invicta men's 12642 Lupah Quartz 3 Hard Silver Dial Watch

Invicta men’s 12642 Lupah Quartz 3 Hand Silver Dial Watch

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Directly after removing the Invicta 12642 from it’s case the thing that attracted me to it the most was the interchangeable bands that are not only functional, but also stylish. My gadgets including my watches often loose their new gadget feel as you get accustomed to the look, but Invicta solves this problem by offering four (4) extra bands that beautifully and well made. If you grow bored of one look simply add a new band for a totally fresh look and feel, that simply screams convenience.

The centerpiece of the watch catches the eye immediately with it’s Gold bezel and Large print face,with clearly written symbols in the Roman and standard numbering system with a silver back drop. This allows the watch to look not only practical but also functional as well.

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Best Features of the Invicta 12642 Watch.

1. Interchangeable bands that keeps the look fresh.

2. Great storage case with beautiful craftsmanship.

3. Looks great and is flexible for formal or casual wear.

4. Great price.

Drawback’s that might turn you off.

1. The display is large and might not fit small hands comfortably.


If it’s a great gift you are seeking for a male friend with a touch of class, that flexible and affordable for a formal or casual circles then the Invicta 12642 fits the bill and end some. Don’t be surprised if you light up a few face with this one when the gift wrapping is removed and the beauty is revealed. I know it did for me when I first got mine.


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