Gangnam Style hits the 2 Billion Views mark!

Its official there is no stopping the viral hit that is Gangnam style, on the last day of May 2014 the already most popular video which was first posted on July 15,2012  hit a never before seen 2 Billion views. This makes Gangnam style the most viewed video on YouTube of all time. In recognition YouTube as posted congratulations directly on Psy’s official Video congratulating the super star on the monumental achievement.


Gangnam style

PSY Performing Gangnam Style live

Gangnam style

The infamous video only took approximately 5 months to reach its first astonishing milestone of 1 Billion views leaving every other video in its dust, a feat Music labels, video producers and musicians worldwide would kill to have.  The only video to even come remotely close is Justin Bieber’s baby with 1 billion views.  Is there any stopping this viral phenomena? it doesn’t seem so because as of writing this article Psy’s official Channel has 82 videos with a combined Subscription of 7,007,318 million and counting. With the Gangnam Style Video boasting 8,344,142 million likes and 2,339,534 million shares.

Gangnam style

Official  Gangnam Style Stats

The Video’s Achievements

  • The video has become so renowned that it has topped every major music chart from Canada, Australia,Italy to the United Kingdom.
  • Gangnam Style Was awarded the most liked video on YouTube by Guinness World Records.
  • It also won best video at the MTV Awards Europe.

and much more achievements too numerous to count and mention them all here.

What does “Gangnam Style” actually mean?

The term “Gangnam style” is actually Korean and is a newly coined term that is associated with the Gangnam District of seoul, To translate that to something we can really understand in case you are not familiar with Korean culture its like the Beverly hills of Korea. As such it can be liked with class and sophistication, which in contrast the video goes against as Psy’s attire and demeanor throughout the entire video shows other wise. It’s basically a mockery of high society and there mannerism or lavish lifestyle as Psy represents Mr.Gangnam style so to speak.

Where the video goes from here no one knows as Psy promises that something great is in the works that we should be seeing soon. The other big question is, will this hit reach another milestone and reach 3 billion views? only time will tell. So if you have not seen the video or would like to see where the stats currently stand you can check it out here.



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