The GoPro Silver

The GoPro Silver or more specifically the GoPro HERO4 SILVER is the heroes camera suited for the active lifestyle that regular cameras just can’t keep up with. Capture video from your world in never before seen ways that will captivate and baffle your audience without them missing a single beat.

Before the GoPro Series of cameras all you had to do was talk about it and other could only look on in awe at your stories but now you can capture it as it unfolds and bring your friends, colleagues, family or who ever along for the ride. It will be as if they were there in person and witnessing the magic unfold in high-definition with smooth fluid video.

gopro hero4

GoPro Hero4 Silver


The Hero 4 features a touch screen display making video capture and playback at Full HD of 1080p with 60 frames per second or 720p video capture a breeze. You can even take gorgeous high detail 30 frames per second shots with the 12 Megapixel camera. With the GoPro Silver you are getting top of the line professional video capturing all in one ridiculously robust package with the modern convenience of a simple touch screen which allows you to take control of the action.

Whats in the Box with the GoPro Hero4?

Right out of the box you will be receiving the following items and awesome extras which makes the great price tag worth it:

gopro silver

Contents of the Box

The HERO4 Silver Camera with Built-In Touch Display the star of the show.

Getting started guide,Quick start guide,stickers, important safety information and product warranty
Standard Housing 131’ (40m)
Skeleton and Touch Backdoors (Including waterproof touch backdoor)
Rechargeable Battery unit
convenient Curved Adhesive Mount
Flat Adhesive Mount
Quick Release Buckles
3 Way Pivot Arm and
a USB Charging Cable

See the contents for yourself:

The Price of The GoPro Silver

The go pro is a premium device and the quality you will be getting for the price is second to none so rest assured that these are the absolute best prices, you can check it out for more details.

GoPro Hero4 Silver
Price: $129.00
Price Disclaimer

The GoPro Hero4 Silver Features

The GoPro Silver is filled with great features, so much so that the manufacturers basically though of almost everything for the newest version in terms of improvement tweaks.
1.Built-In Touch Interface – Frame your shots and easily adjust settings with simple swipes. Playback videos and photos from the LCD display.
2.Professional HD Video Quality – Record stunning and vivid 1080p @ 60 FPS and 720p @ 120FPS video.
3.Fast,responsive and Powerful Photo Capturing – shoot high-quality 12Megapixel photos at speeds of up to 30fps.
4.Built-In Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability delivering enhanced connectivity to the GoPro App on your smartphone or GoPro Smart Remote.
5.HiLight Tag to Mark key moments while recording for easy playback, editing and sharing.
6.QuikCapture to Power on and record automatically with the press of a single button.
7.Protune  Now for Photo and Video,Cinema-quality capture and manual control of Color, ISO Limit, Exposure and much more.
8.Night Photo and Night Lapse – Customizable exposure settings up to 30 seconds for single and Time Lapse photos.
9.SuperView – Captures the world’s most immersive wide-angle field of view.
10.Auto Low Light – Automatically adjusts frame rates for optimal low-light performance.
11.High Performance Audio: Powerful new audio system captures clean, high fidelity sound and nearly 2x the dynamic range.
12.Improved Camera Control: New dedicated button enables quick access to camera settings. Simplified menus make navigating settings easier than ever.
13.Ultra Wide-Angle Glass Lens – Enables engaging, immersive footage of you and your world.
14.Selectable FOV : Three FOV settings: Ultra Wide, Medium and Narrow allow for a broad range of perspectives.
15.Durable and Waterproof to 131’ (40m) Designed to withstand extreme environments and conditions.
16.Wearable and Mountable: Enables immersive self-capture during your favorite activities.
17.Compatible with all GoPro Mounts: 60+ mounts and accessories and counting for capturing a wide variety of perspectives and activities.
18.GoPro App and Software – Control your camera remotely. View and share your content. Easily create gorgeous, GoPro-style videos.

  • The waterproof touch backdoor while provides the GOPro with the ability to work in water the touch capabilities will not work underwater.

The GoPro Hero4 Silver Review

So as we said earlier we all buy a GoPro Hero4 whether the silver or the Black which has their own distinct advantages: Silver for the convenience of the display and great picture quality, and the GoPro HERO4 BLACK because of its high frame rate with good quality.The company has always promoted the mantra that you can be your own Hero and be basically the star of your own show shot in pristine High Definition Video. If you are familiar with the predecessors the new line of GoPro Hero4 which comes in Silver which is featured here and black, they do look allot like the Hero 3  with small design changes aesthetically such as a new activity light on the front of the camera and on top, back and bottom. The new redesigned battery as shown above loads from the bottom with the snap on battery bay cover, if you are thinking of using your old batteries then think again as those will not work with the new unit. The WiFi button doubles as a settings button that hep you within the menus in refining settings in relation with your camera, the same button can also be used as a togging button to play back an important moment.

gopro hero4

GoPro Hero4

The Silver excels at 1080p recording and unfortunately unlike the Black does not do 4K video recording, the video recording at 1080p is at 60 frames per second and the 720p video recording is at 120 frames per second. In both units you will find GoPros protune mode that will give you full control over exposure, ISO and all the nifty little features which can be used for both videos and photos finetuning. The silver like the Black can shoot 12 Megapixel pictures or still shots at 30 frames per second.

For those who need to take pictures in the dark the cameras has a new night based photo features leaving the shutter open longer for a better night shots. The black has the best recording options but the silver trumps the Black GoPro in that it has the built-in touch screen which is absent from the black, this makes all the difference with previewing and changing settings.


Whats the Key Difference Between the Hero4 Silver and Black?

Well the difference is quite straightforward:

Silver: Does 1080p Recording max, no 4K, Comes with a convenient touch screen for previewing and settings.

Black: Does 4K Video, NO LCD touch screen for preview and editing everything else comes standard.

Advantages of the Silver GoPro

1. Built in Touch screen for previewing your work and settings.

2. Filled with great and useful features.

3. Superior video, pictures quality that GoPro is known for.


1. Your old batteries will not work

So in closing I would like to say that GoPro has done it again with the GoPro Hero4 new line of cameras, you would be very lucky to own this great camera that will last for years and survive some daring situations from hash climate to freezing or scorching heat, after all its a GoPro camera. For the best deals or to find out more you can hit the buy it now button for the best prices on offer from Amazon.


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