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If you are seeking an easy hassle free way to backup Android Apps that are on your smartphone, then my friend you are not alone. The problem however is that most of the Apps that offer these features are very complicated and are not worth the hassle. Well guess what? I have a better solution that is easy to install, does not require that your device is rooted in any way and you can learn to use it in two minutes or so easy.

The App in question is called: App backup & Restore, a simple and catchy name for an App that basically perfectly describes what the App does and the best thing about this app is that its free of cost in the Android PlayStore.

How to backup Android Apps?

backup android apps

App Backup & Restore

To Backup Android Apps using the “App backup and restore”:

1. Download App backup & Restore from Google PlayStore.

2. Once you have installed the App launch it and you should be good to go.

backup android apps

Main Screen

3. The main screen should show you all the Apps installed or you can use the search feature in the upper right of the screen to find the App that you want to backup.

4. When you have found the App click the check box to the right and hit the Backup button in green to the lower part of the screen towards the extreme bottom. After a few seconds your App will be backed up.

5. Swipe your hand across the screen from left to right or click on the second tab that says Archived to see your backedup Apps.

backup android apps

Backedup or Archived Apps

The next time you do a wipe/reset of Android or flash a ROM all you will need to do is reinstall the Backup & Restore App and restore your Apps by installing them once again. Note that all the Apps are backed up as a .apk file.

How to Restore Backedup Apps?

To restore backedup Apps simply from the App go to Archived and check the App that you want and choose restore at the bottom of the screen, that’s it.

How to share your backedup Apps?

To share your Backedup Apps with friends to save them the time of downloading the same file and save on time and data costs simply go to an App that’s already backedup and click the check box, in the upper right of the screen there will be an option to delete or send, click send.

You can send the file by WiFi or through another app such as Bluetooth or any App installed on your phone such as email.

Trust me when I say this is the best Android backup app for your Android device no other even comes remotely close in terms of ease of use and effectiveness. To learn how to manually backup your Apps to your computer click here, otherwise please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question below.


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