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Every now and again we all will need to enable developer options on Android weather or not we are developers, maybe its to find a settings that we need to trouble shoot a problem or to enable an option that we need for a specific reason.

How to enable developer options?

To enable developer options you will need to:

1. Go to settings and look for about device or About Phone, if it’s not there then look beneath the more option.

2. Look for Build Number and then tap it several times a message will appear that fades away that will say something like tap 2 more times to enable developer mode.

3. When you do it will say you are a developer or you are in developer mode, the option is now available.

4. To find the option go back to setting and look for: Developer options or look under the more menu.

That’s it you are now in the hidden developer settings.

enable developer options

What is developer Mode used for?

As the name suggest developer mode is for the mobile application developer and Game developers to test their developed Apps in the Android environment and fine tune their Apps, it provide all the tools a developer will need to create fully functioning Apps for Android. Coincidentally it also contains options that regular users may need to enable from time to time for varying reasons.

enable developer options enable developer options

Options in the Developer Mode:

Take bug Report

Desktop backup password

Stay Awake

HDCP Checking

Enable Bluetooth HCI Snoop log

Process stats

Root Access

Update Recovery

USB Debugging

USB Debugging Notify

Power menu Bug Reports

Allow Mock locations

Select debug App

Wait for debugger

verify Apps over USB

Wireless Display certification

Show touches

Pointer location

Show surface updates

Show layout bounds

Force RTL Layout directions

Window Animation Scale

Transition Animation Scale

Animator duration scale

Simulated secondary displays

Force GPU Rendering

Show GPU View updates

Show hardware layers updates

Debug GPU Overdraw

Debug non-rectangular clip operatio..

Force 4x MSAA

Disable HW overlays

Strict mode usage

Profile GPU rendering

Enable openGL traces

Don’t keep activities

Select runtime

Background process limit

Show all ARNs.

How to disable developer Options?

In case you want to disable the developer options simply once you are in the option switch the toggle at the top of the screen from on which is green to Off and it will disappear from the menu option, the only way to see it again is to enable it once more as show above.

That’s it we have shown you as promised how to enable developer options and how to disable it after you are finished if needs be, so if you have any questions you may ask below in the comments.



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