Tablet wont turn on and is Bricked or dead Fix 45

If your tablet wont turn on for some reason you are not alone the issue is more common than you think, especially if the issue is happening right after you have tried to flash your tablet with a new firmware, these things happen sometime and you can then start panicking as you don’t know what to do, but do not worry we have the solution to the issue and we will get your tablet back to a functional state so that you can continue in your attempts to repair your tablet and have it working 100% once more.

Description of the Issue

Often happens when you attempt to flash a Firmware or ROM on your tablet especially to fix issues such as your device being stuck on the Android boot screen, updating your tablet, bypassing pattern lock for too many attempts, whatever the reason that got you into this state the tablet is now totally bricked or dead and shows nothing but a black screen no matter how many times you press the power button it just wont turn on at all and looks like a worthless paperweight that just taking up space.

Despite your best instinct refrain from throwing the device in the trash as it can be repaired.

What device does this issue affect?

tablet wont turn on

This problem is possible in all tablets but the ones that I am specifically referring to and can confirm this works on is the A13 and A10 based Chinese Android tablets e.g. Alldaymall, iRulu and so on, you know the ones as seen in the pics, there are a millions of them all over the world and they all use similar hardware and this will apply to those tablets or similar models.

The first thing you need to remember is that its next to impossible for you to brick this tablet, they were made to be flashed and flexible so if the screen does not power up and you think its dead or bricked then think again.

How to fix a Tablet that wont turn on?

tablet wont turn on

To fix your tablet wont turn on issue you will need to drain the battery of your device completely, this is the tricky part and once the battery is completely drained you will need to charge your tablet again and follow the procedure here to place the tablet in download mode and flash your correct firmware, you can find out how to find your correct firmware here. If you cannot find your exact firmware you may have to keep testing different ones until you find one that works or works partially as there are so many variations on these Chinese tablets and the manufacturers don’t always provide the support files.

The best method I have found to drain the battery is to simply leave the tablet for 24 hours and it will drain, in severe cases it might need a full week. But what I do is occasionally while the screen is blank hold down the power button to speed up the drainage over the wait, when you have given it enough time or at least 24 hours then plug it in to charge and it should startup and all you will need to do now is use the link above and learn how to place the tablet in download mode and flash your correct ROM or firmware file.

Additionally if your tablet is totally different looking than the ones shown you can try to find the reset button on your device, the Tablets shown do not have that button, but if yours does you can attempt to press it to reset, also sometimes the reset button may be hidden on the inside of the device, learn to open your device here.

Why did this happen to my tablet in the first Place?

Sometimes a simple malfunction especially after trying to flash your device can cause it to not function properly, especially if you attempt to flash a ROM for your tablet that’s not 100% compatible, sometimes incompatible drivers are loaded by the firmware and the tablet seems to get confused and refuse to boot, other times the same thing can happen and instead the tablet boots but some aspects of the tablet wont work in those cases it seems the ROM was only partially comparable.

Thanks for being a awesome reader of our article on how to fix your Tablet that wont turn on, if you liked this guide or need help please leave a comment and remember to share, who knows someone else might need help with this very issue right now that you know and love, until next time.



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45 thoughts on “Tablet wont turn on and is Bricked or dead Fix

  • Pedro Barroca

    Thanks for the brilliant article. It gave me all the hope I needed to turn my brand new expensive brick into an useful tablet. Greetings!

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      If there is a error, try using the other flash tool that I have indicated in my easy flash tool article its in the related articles at the end of this post, if its fails again try another firmware.

  • Emma Lee

    Thanks Ricardo, I followed your previous guide about a tablet being stuck on the android logo. Managed to follow the guide without a hitch but when I Turned it on I realised I still had a pattern set and honestly have no clue what the pattern is (tablet has been a glorified brick for well over 12 months). Decided to turn it off and back on again (not sure why, maybe hoping the pattern might decide to go away) anyway turned it off and now it won’t turn back on again. So plan on leaving it to drain the battery (was on 33% but drains very quickly) and then following this guide.

    Any ideas about the pattern lock if it is still present once I get the device back up and running? Is there a hard reset or some way to remove it? I can’t even remember what my google account details are for this tablet and it’s all in chinese so don’t even know what it is saying.

    I also struggled to find a suitable firmware and could only find one copy. it says XW 711 V2.2 2013-09-06 on the motherboard however some sill sod stuck a sticker over the processor and when I tried to take it off (very carefully) it took off the processor model with it. I googled the XW 711 V2.2 2013-09-06 and it came up with A13. I didn’t find any other references to a different processor. Could there be any other reason this is happening do you know?

    Thank you so much for your brilliant guides and any further advise would be greatly appreciated. Would love to be able to use this tablet again.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I am so glad that you made so much Progress my friend, most people would have quit already but with gadgets you need to simple be persistent, readers like you made the time I took to experiment and put this article together all worth it.
      Don’t worry the tablet should come back up again after a while and the battery drains. As for the pattern lock that appears there is a simple method of bypassing that but unfortunately it will wipe any data on the tablet you can learn how here,you can change the language during setup or in settings after its past the pattern attempts screen.

      Its very difficult to find exact matching firmwares for these Firmwares so your best bet is try to get the one on the Tablet now working, if that fails then tell me and I will try to find your Firmware then friend.

  • Silvia

    Hi, thank you very much. I found your articles very useful and easily understandable. I followed your articles because it gave me some light and direction on solving the problems I encountered. I got the Phoenix card tool installed, found a compatible firmware, got a microSD card burned, and the tablet drained. However, it wouldn’t recharge again (not showing any charging battery sign). What should I do now?

    • Silvia

      Hi, I made one little step forward (? I guess, or maybe not lol). I finally figured out using how to use Phoenix Suite flashing a compatible firmware suggested in a forum. It was able to be switched on, the boot sound was played but nothing showed up on the screen. At least I could see if it’s charging and not burned down yet so I thought it’s better than before. I opened the tablet and I saw “INET-D791-REV01 Zeng-gc 2013-10-21” and it was running 4.4.2. Please kindly advise the actions I could take. Thanks a lot.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      There is nothing you can do but give it some more time and try charging it again after some time, I know its frustrating but mine was the same and it simply came on back after a while that’s all you can do.

      • Silvia

        Hi I just wanna let you know last night I finally unbricked, upgraded from 4.2.2 to real 4.4.2 (last post I was wrong :P), got CWM and Superuser installed, wifi, 2 cameras, display and everything working smoothly and even faster than before! I almost screamed out loud at 1a.m.! After 6 months of struggling, numbers of unmatched tools and firmwares, and countless times of almost giving up! I found there was a post about the exact firmware model in a Polish (? I guess) website, therefore, besides you, I think I should thank Mr Google Translator lol. Now thank you again, and please keep writing good articles and delivering useful info to us readers. Have a very nice day! :)))))))

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          I really admire you for your determination most readers would have simply given in, you stuck it out and I am glad that my website was able to help you along with that other one you found that placed the finishing touches on things. The hard work that goes into these articles is worth it because of readers like you my dear. Could you please share the exact firmware link and a quick run through of the step you took as this will definitely help some one with your exact issue seeing there is no direct instructions in English for your exact situation.

          • Silvia

            Oh I am so sorry. Today I was reading your new article and I just happened to click and realized I missed something here >.< ok sure the simplified steps that I have gone through to unbrick my Chinese tablet are as following:

            1) I opened the tablet (I followed one of the thousands of Youtube videos) and took pictures, and I saw "inet d791-rev01 zeng-gc 2013-10-21"
            2) None of the English nor Chinese websites has relevant info or files of the exact model. However I found the hint here: which is in Spanish. I used Google Chrome and installed Google Translate extension. I was able to guess most of what they said by using the "Translate this page (to English)".
            3) I finally found the compatible model is Kiano Slim Tab 8, which specification was exactly the same as my Allwinner A23 Inet. That's the only model left no hardware problem (no wifi, no front/back camera, etc.) And I found all the files I need in here (again, use "Translate this page (to English)"). Steps and screenshots, FAQ were also included and not difficult to understand:
            4) Must use PhoenixSuit by Allwinnertech (tested twice since I bricked and unbricked it once again afterwards). I tried PhoenixUSBPro, LiveSuit, and card way did not work.
            5) I used this to help getting successful usb connection between tablet and laptop:

            Cheers! And thank you again for your great help! 🙂

        • Nicolas Darkness “Mr Darkness Wolf” Wolf

          hi, its been two years but can you help me whit something?, firts , what was the model of your tablet, secondly , how did you fix it? idk if i made something wrong because when i installed the kiano firmeware the touch screen didnt work and neither the mac adress for the wifi

  • Tom

    I got a dead tablet Yarvik Noble tab07 485 which is totally dead. Not even turn on and no battery charge indicator as well when plug in the charger. So how do I go about to bring this tablet back to life ?

  • Advan

    I did as you said but it seems its not working for me.Even if i let the tablet to drain for a week after i put it in the charger the only think that works is the the notification light.

      • Josh

        Ricardo i bricked my rca voyager II tablet. I drained the battery for two days but when i went to charge out i realized that the charge screen comes on but it goes black and then comes on again repeatedly. I guess its not staying on long enough to charge. Is there anything i can do?

  • Gary Agers

    Although it wasn’t because of trying to install new firmware but was instead doing a hard reset and accidentally chose the wrong option. Your article gave me the idea to run the battery totally down, recharge it and power it up. Worked like a charm. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • malikasimawan

    i flash a wrong firmware after that the tablet will not shows any thing when conected to pc no beep or any thin i short the kcolo and gnd i hope it detects but not help me plese

  • Robert

    I have one for you. This is a tell of a tablet that started acting irradically, then would not boot as so many in these threads. Requiring that I use the recovery mode to restore the tablet to factory setting. This became almost a regular occurrences just to use the tablet. Finally this no longer worked rendering the tablet totally bricked. I’ve tried to re-flash the unit but this too failed with each attempt. It would get to 3% then fail. The unit will no longer allow access to utility menu, so I can’t even try flashing it from a micro SD card. Any advice?

  • richard

    you awesome bro love your vid. I also have the same issue with the RCA tablet it stuck on erase and I try to flashed it suddenly it wont charge or turn own

  • Lisa

    I have a problem for a while and I don’t know if my tablet is bricked or not. I have a ICOO D50 and the display stays black (with no light) after I turn on the tablet. I hear an click sound that tells me it’s on. 1-2 years ago I failed to flash it, probably wrong firmware. After that the display stayed black. I’m not sure if I see something if I drain the battery, charge it and go into download mode.
    but thats not really the biggest problem. I searched and the only thing I found was a site that said I should use this firmware A13 D50 sc3038n sdk1.4 20120709. The download link is not working and I’m really confused, ’cause every other “firmware download” leads me to a virus.
    I love to experiment and try all things out, I even flashed my Samsung Galaxy S2 and my New 3DS XL (of course thanks to really good instructions)
    The tablet has a A13 CB004CA 1CR1 processor and I think the board ID is SC3038_V01_120421
    the closest that I found had SC3041 in the name

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Based on your Information one of two things may be happening: 1) You did brick the device seeing the issue started only after your actions or 2) You have a black screen problem. Black screen issues can be battery or other things and you can find fixes for that on this website. I think it may be that your device is bricked. But as you have come to see it very hard to find a Firmware for some devices. So look into a try Black screen solutions and if that does not pen out then try flashing the exact firmware or a matching one that’s close.

  • corr tab per

    hi,i have a lenovo tab 2 a7-30gc , i tried to drain the battery, but now that i conect it to the pc, it turns on and off on the device manager. what do i do?

      • corr tab per

        ok, i just downloaded a Arvin open sourse code on the Lenovo webpage. It contains mediatek files, kernel files, and others. Is it correct? I have no idea how to install them. That is the only document that appears on the Lenovo webpage. What do i do? thanks

  • Emil Velic

    I have a tablet IRULU EXPRO X1 PLUS , MODEL NO: X11 it worked fine and suddenly it went out. when I turned it on again it shows only a blue screen. I do not know what happened to it. Get help. Great greeting

  • Older White Guy

    Hi, Just to share my resolution:

    I have a four year old Lenovo 7″ tablet that has served me well, but recently there were some glitches so I restored it back to virgin (it has never been rooted–it was fine for my basic needs), but shortly thereafter it refused to power up in the slightest, no matter what I did.
    I finally resorted to removing the cover–essentially a matter of prying all around the outside, then removing a tiny philips screw hidden under a label by the SD card port (there are tons of videos showing you how to do this sort of thing, it’s often pretty simple)–unscrewed a tiny metal clip holding down the battery connector which I popped off and reconnected. After this procedure it booted up just fine!
    So it seems it needed essentially a very hard reboot, which merely holding down button combos, connecting to chargers/ computers, etc. was unable to provide.
    I had already started searching online for a replacement tablet, but this 10 minute procedure did the trick! Very gratifying resurrecting perfectly good, if slightly older, devices, instead of just mindlessly joining the consumer, throw-away mentality!

    If you’ve given every other approach a try, you might find this works for you, too!

  • Erdem

    Hello my codegen qbix m93 tablet f900 mainboard-v1.0.0 2012-03-29 tablet battery could not run with new battery screen does not turn on software does not go to the installation state electronic circuit is broken

  • Leon

    Helpful explanation as to what causes the “bricking”. Mine is a HP 10 and it boots to the start screen but will not go into recovery mode,.