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When it comes to web hosting unfortunately  not all web hosting services are created equal and in my experience there are plenty of these services floating around and vying for your hard-earned cash, in today’s article I would like to highlight the best web hosting service that is available to those who are thinking of venturing into blogging or starting their own website. It can be a rewarding experience when you first build you very own blog and start earning money online.

The Best Web Hosting Service

The best web hosting in my opinion is provided by Hostgator, I stand behind their service because they are the driving force behind this website which you are browsing now: BlogTechTips.com and ever since signing up for my very first web hosting plan and starting this blog I have never looked back for several reasons I am about to outline below:

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Reliable Web hosting

The first thing that great about Hostgator is that they are very reliable. Thanks to their services my website is up and running all year-long for 99% of the time and the other 1% in down time is very rarely when server maintenance is being carried out. I have never needed to contact their customer care to complain about service and for the most part I would rather spend my time working on content.Now some companies can claim that they are great but Hostgator is actually able to put their money were they mouth is with their claim of an impressive up time of 99% which I can confirm is the truth.

Ease of Use

It was quite easy getting started with the service, it was as simple as buying a domain and choosing a web hosting package. There was also an easy install WordPress feature that made the whole thing a breeze. The servers are quite fast and reliable which allows me to build quite reliable website that my users can depend on.

Customer Care

Hostgator puts a lot into their customers service and Whenever I have had an issues in the past, simply either calling them over the phone or talking to a representative through chat was a breeze and they are always willing to work with you to solve simple to technical problems and get you back on your feet. I remember having an issue with one website that I could not figure out that caused my website to go down after a theme malfunction, I tried solving the problem but with little success. One call to Hostgator and the reps were able to fix the issue in about 10 minutes easy, they were even kind enough to share the procedure and take me through the process step by step.

Cost of Hosting

One of the things that I really liked about Hostgator right from the start is how flexible it is to start with one of their packages you can choose to pay as you go along month by month or you can pay for an entire year or you could use one of our coups in our guide (coupon code : BlogTechTips) to creating your very own website and get a massive discount of 25%. Plus should you decide to start a package and change your mind Hostgator gives a grace period in which you can get a total refund of your money no questions asked.

Plus its so easy to renew your subscription on a monthly or yearly basis that you can get your payment information and they will automatically charge you at the end of each period and should there be an issue they have friendly Email reminders each time a domain is about to expire or hosting is to be renewed which is great, after building a website the last thing you want is to loose it because you forgot to renew or pay your hosting costs.

With one of the best web hosting service on the planet how can you go wrong? I personally use nothing less on my group of websites and they run without down time that can eat into your profits with interruptions to your users.

Why should you choose Hostgator?

1. Very reliable and fast servers.

2. Flexible payment plan

3. Great customer service that available 24 hours a day everyday

4. Little to no down time.

5. Great discounts offered of up 25% using  coupon code : BlogTechTips

6. Great payment plans.

I don’t think I need to paint a cooler picture of this web host any further, their impeccable reputation speaks for itself, now mark you they are far from perfect and what I like is that they are always striving to improve on their services through customers polls and tweaking the service which is always a great sign to see from the stand point of a reliable web hosting service.



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6 thoughts on “What is the best web hosting service?

  • wumrah

    I know Hostgator is a wonderful hosting website but what about Arvixe? I think they are more cost effective even though I don’t know about their downtime and speed.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Yes I realize that Arvixe is a fast and upcoming option in webhosting that making a name for itself, plus they have some cheap packages, thanks for the highlight on that Wumrah but in terms of a proven and test company that I can speak to directly I will stick with Hostgator but they are definitely worth checking out.

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          Definitely the worst feeling in the world is when your website is experiencing down time and you have to be second guessing your host, I never had that issue with Hostgator in fact the very few times the website has been down even before I decided to call them they had the issue rectified and that like 5 minutes or so in most cases. I will sing their praises 🙂 until they give me reason to do otherwise so far they have impressed me very much.