Dirt Cheap Web Hosting plan

It has never been a better time to build a website or blog as it is now, you can get really cheap web hosting for a few bucks that you would normally spend on junk food if you know what you are doing and where to look. Today I want to show you how easy it is to start your very own website for cheap with a practical example where I will break down the cost of everything and show you how much everything will cost down to the dollar.  Also don’t worry as even if you change your mind you still have up to 45 days grace period to call it quits and withdraw your money and get back every dollar to still spend on that junk food.

Cheap Web Hosting plan

To demonstrate how cheap web hosting can be I will be using HostGator which I have reviewed here for you to show you how we can get a domain for little to nothing and start a potentially profitable website or hobby blog easily.

The domain I will be using as an example which will be the same of the website is: CheapHostingStar.com which is a real domain name that is still available and can be purchase as of the time of writing this article:

cheap web hosting

As you can see the domain which is top level domain (TLD) is available and to own it for the entire year only costs $8 bucks, now I should note that there is a special promotion running at the time of writing this that gives a 55% off but do not worry as if you were to use this coupon if that special is over you will get a nice 25% off , the coupon code is: BlogTechTips

Or if you do not want a domain and just hosting then you can skip right to that. But this is the cost of the above mentioned domain and hosting for a month :

cheap web hosting

Web Hosting For a month + Domain

Be sure to uncheck all the: Add Additional Services as in most cases these services are not necessary unless you want them specifically or they will cause the total to be much higher. You will also notice that if it was not for the 55% special you would be paying $24.95 for the package and in case you are reading this outside this special offer period by HostGator you will have to use coupon code: BlogTechTips40 for 40% saving or pay the full amount. You also have 45 days to change your mind which is more than great for you.

For those who don’t want to worry about a constant bill I suggest that you go for the one year payment in which case you will pay

cheap web hosting

Web Hosting for 1 year + domain

Now as you can see here you will be paying only $61.73 for an entire year plus the domain and because it’s the Baby plan you will be able to buy additional domains and host as much of them as you want as add-on domains without paying for hosting again only for the domain name which is very cool. As usual too if you missed the 55% discount the coupon code above still works any time for a 25% discount on the normal price which would be $134.40.

cheap web hosting

I would advise you to quickly take advantage of the current discount of 55% before its gone as cheap web hosting has never been this low in a long while and just to get you started on your way you can follow our guide on creating your website or blog right here. Now you might be told that there are cheaper web hosting offers but I assure you there is not a host like Hostgator who is super reliable and is one of the best if not the best in web hosting hands down,any cheaper and I guarantee that you will be paying for it with frequent server crashes and down times of your website which is all none existent with Hostgator.

So what did you think? do you love these rates and were you able to catch the big 55% discount that was going on or not? I would love to hear from you about your experience and the name of your website that you have created in the comments below.


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