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I swear that all wireless connections that I have ever come across at one point or another has given me or someone else the WiFi authentication problem error and refuse to allow the device to connect despite the password being correct which can really mess up your day if you need to use the internet on your phone and your mobile internet through your carrier is not an available option for some reason. I personally get really frustrated and loose my cool in such situations, luckily there is a better solution that you can read more about below.

The problem

The problem occurs when you try to connect to a WiFi network and although you know the password to be correct whenever you input the password or try to connect to the network you see a notification beneath the name of the network saying Authenticating and after some time you get a notice that you have a Authentication problem or a Authentication error occurred and your Android phone,Tablet or device refuses to connect to the network.

wifi authentication problem

How to fix WiFi Authentication problem?

To fix this WiFi connection problem is simple but before proceeding remember that more than one solution is given below and they might work in most but not all situations :

1. From your phone go to settings and then look for Wi-Fi under : Network connections.

2. From here under Wi-Fi Networks find the network you were trying to connect to and long press the name or SSID , a menu will then pop-up on-screen:

wifi authentication problem

3. Choose the option to forget network.

4. Distance yourself from the router to a location where you are only getting one signal bar from the router or access point and then try again to reconnect and you will need to re-enter your password. This time your connection should authenticate and connect and you will be able to browse the internet. if not continue reading:

Method 2

If the above did not work for you and your device is still not connecting to the Wi-fi then try the following:

1. Again go to settings then find Wi-Fi as above.

2. Hold or long press the connection which you want access to or is giving the issue and then choose : modify network config or in some phones modify network connection.

wifi authentication problem

3. Next check the box: show advanced options and then look for IP settings and change it from :DHCP to: static and a IP address field should appear.

4. Record the information in the static IP address field and then delete it and put the same info in again and save it.

From here you should be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network and gain access to theΒ  internet without issue. If you are having issues please do not hesitate to ask for help in the comments and do share this tip with your friends it would be appreciated as a sign that you found this tip useful.

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