Nikon L330 Review

I recently got my hands on the Nikon L330 and decided to do a full review, so this will be a full Nikon L330 review just for you guys. This unit is a very affordable super zoom camera that has a 26x optical zoom which is a great looking device  that has a 20.2 MP sensor which is a bump up from the previous model that featured a much lower Mega pixel count overall this is a very affordable camera that worth a detailed look for the consumer that’s looking for something to enter the world of digital photography, YouTube videos, Family Photography and those that don’t want to break the bank per say. 

The back of the camera has a 3 inch 460 dot LCD screen with the basic button layout that familiar on Nikon devices across the board that easy to understand and very intuitive if you have ever handled a digital camera before. The predominant color of these devices is black although I am not complaining as it gives the Nikon L330 a sleek look. I can’t believe the actual price of this device and the overall rating by consumers is very good as this device is designed like a full featured DSLR although it may not be as robust in features.

Nikon L330 Review

Powering the Camera

The camera is powered by 4 AA batteries that fit into a compartment on one side of the device, this is convenient as you can always pick up new batteries just about anywhere and power this bad boy. Most people love this feature but others would really prefer in my experience a rechargeable feature but that can be solved easily by also picking up a set of reliable rechargeable batteries and making sure you have two sets on hand at all times.

You should be able to get approximately 600-700 pictures or shots on a single set of batteries before needing to get a new set so bear that in mind as you go about capturing pictures on the daily.This is more than enough and as long as you plan out your shots and keep this in mind and have a high capacity Memory card you should be fine.

Nikon L330 Review


With the Nikon L330 you will be getting point and shoot camera quality and high amounts of versatility especially at taking shots at a very far distance, but all in all when you get down into the deepest settings you will realize that you will not have control over some features as on high-end DSLR cameras. The performance in low light is also not very spectacular and the best performance gained out of this device was in either outside conditions or well-lit environments that really showed off how really great the picture quality was as there were very detailed shots capturing every minute detail of the subject that the lens of the camera was pointed at. If you are used to high-end camera you will find most features you love to fine tune a shot are absent but if you are a beginner or armature photographer you will have everything to get you started in basic photography.

The Flash is also always a option feature for every shot and to activate you simply click a single button and it pops up easily. The lens is also covered with a Lens cap that attached easily by a string to prevent you from loosing it and to remove simply squeeze either side and it easily removes. You can then reattach it when the camera is not being used, the zoom lens will also protrude through the front of the device as the camera powers up.


When it comes to video the quality gives at max 720p  with 30 frames per second, overall the real impressive aspect of this camera is in still pictures in my opinion but it does not do a bad job at all when it comes to video as video quality for 720p is OK but overall is great picture quality, and can give some really good quality pictures and you can even zoom objects at a distance for a variety of great video frames. Plus if you are using this as a YouTube camera YouTube can upscale your uploaded footage to 1080p which is really nice and could be what you are waiting for to switch from using your phone to an independent camera.


If you are looking for an entry device the Nikon L330 will be more than enough for you to get started its cool looking, cost-effective and does just a good enough job that would beat out a regular camera easily. The device itself is made from plastic and as long as you take care of it and do not drop it you should be fine. Overall if you are into capturing pictures of the family, basic digital photography or just love photography and are just starting out then this device might be more up your alley the main customization options are limited but it does take good pictures for the price you pay and overall for what it is this is great camera that worth the price that you will be ultimately paying for it and if used right will be more than enough for any job you will have for it.

I hope you guys enjoyed the Nikon L330 Review it is a great camera that really nice and in my opinion worth the money especially if you want something nice to do YouTube videos and dive into the world of photography without spending thousands of dollars on features you will probably never need or use in your lifetime in other cameras.

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