Pokemon Go Mania

It seems Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm and everyone is loosing their minds. This will be the first part of a brand new series that can be found on my YouTube channel covering news in Technology. If you have not already subscribed to the YouTube channel please do so here.Also all that’s written here is in the video below so you can simply skip to that. We do regular Gadget repairs and now Interesting Technology News for you.

So as I was saying people are loosing their minds with Pokemon Fever as I like to call it. The new App is Number one within hours of its release in the Apple and Google Play store respectively. Also Nintendo shares have soared as a result. This really makes one wonder why Nintendo held out so long before doing this. After all in this world you have to adapt and change or you will be left behind.

Whats Pokemon Go?

If you don’t know its an App based off the popular Pokemon Game and TV series. The app is for mobile and uses your phones GPS and camera to add or overlay Pokemon in the real world (Augmented reality). Players can capture Pokemon and battle them. Its fun as players will need to visit different areas to find new Pokemon. For example you will need to go near water for water Pokemon and various habitats or places.

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Whats the Problem then?

Well Many people have been using the app carelessly. This includes driving and playing, searching for Pokemon as some players in Australia did inside a police station as a Sandshrew seemed to lurk there. It seems that while every one loves the game people are not using their common sense as they play.

Some players have even been shot at because they went on private property while exploring.The police even had to release a public statement that players did not have to come inside and the Pokemon can be captured from outside. They also had to be reminded that serious work takes place at a police station.

Final Thoughts

Its yet to be seen how long this craze will last. Who knows things might get crazier. Pokemon can be a fun game but lets all play it responsibly after all what fun can a game be if it gets you killed or injures others.

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