Note 7 Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped Fix

Today’s fix involves the error : Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped error message. This has most recently being happening with the Note 7 but it can also affect other devices such as other Note devices and the regular Samsung Galaxy. This fix is written with the Note 7 in mind but should also work for other devices. Also try this method if you have tried other things such as restarting your device, uninstalling recent programs you installed and downloading alternative keyboards. fd those things did not work for you and using a external keyboard which will work in most cases is definitely only an inconvenient fix.

Your other alternative is fleshing your phone which will of fix the problem as well but if you have any files on your device these will be lost which for most users is not something they want.

The error

When you try to use the Samsung keyboard which usually pops out when you are entering text, especially in apps you will get the error message: Unfortunately Samsung keyboard has stopped. You will also get an OK on-screen selecting it will close the message but if you try imputing text again the error will reappear.

Why is this Happening to My device?

There are any number of reasons why your Samsung Keyboard might be crashing. The main culprit through in most cases seems to be an error in the software on the phone. So that’s why flashing a new firmware or ROM on the device seems to work for many. Although some users have important files locked away in their devices that they need and they don’t want to do a flash, so a fix would be preferred.

Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped Fix

Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped

1. Go to settings and then Application Manager.

2. In the upper right-click on the icon with the dots and select show system apps.

3.Find Samsung keyboard. Next go to storage.

4. Next clear cache and then clear Data.

Alternative Fixes

Although these are only alternative fixes they might prove useful. I have also mentioned them above but just in case here they are again. So if the above steps of clearing your Keyboard data did not work then try:

  1. Using an Alternative Keyboard from the play store such as these seen here.
  2. To help with imputing text seeing the onscreen keyboard is not working then get this Bluetooth witless keyboard. It works for both phones and tablets.

That should fix this for you as this is similar to other Unfortunately ??? as crashed errors that we have covered before here. If this fix worked please share what you did below I do hope also that one of the suggestions above too may help you such as using a Bluetooth keyboard or alternative keyboard that you can download from the play store.

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