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The Acer Aspire ES 15 is a beautifully crafted and lightweight Laptop that I recently had the pleasure of Reviewing. The one I reviewed was a red gulf ball like textured surface version that had a unique look. You can also get this in more traditional colors such as black. There are several variation but this review is a general review of this series of Laptops. It’s a truly nice Laptop that great for the budget conscious consumers that’s looking for a great deal that wont break the bank and give a nice balance of performance and functionality.

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Inputs and ports

The Laptop has a variety of ports that includes: 3x USB ports of which 2 are regular USB and one USB 3.o for high-speed data transfer and reads from things like flash drives and other external media. It also has memory card reader , headphone jack , HDMI,WiFi and Ethernet port. Unfortunately there is no DVD drive but there is a blank DVD drive bay space holder so you may want to get an external or one that can be installed if you so choose.


This laptop has 4 GB of DDR3 memory, a 500 GB internal hard drive,a Intel Celeron dual core processor @ 1.6 GHz for each core. The processor is the N3050 for this version of the Laptop although there are other versions available with different processors. So if you need something with a little more power get a core i3 version or higher.Intel HD graphics integrated for game play and video playback.

The Display

Acer Aspire ES 15

The display is a very nice and stands at a nice 15.6 inches which is great size for enjoying your movies through various streaming services. I really like the display as it very vibrant and bright with a great wide-screen. It also does well in web browsing. You will find your self coming back to the screen which is not too small or too large and fits the form factor of the Laptop perfectly.


Sound quality is acceptable for a laptop and can produce some really nice sounds. Do remember these are laptop speakers so don’t expect anything over the top,but they are good for music and movie watching.So you can go ahead and load on your favorite songs and enjoy them by yourself in your room or attach a headphone for a more personalized sound experience.

Battery life

The battery life of the Acer Aspire ES 15 is great and at standard power settings doing regular tasks you should get about just over 6 hours of Usage. This is give or take though but you do have great power saving features that will squeeze every last minute out of that battery when you are away from the outlet. It does this by reducing screen brightness which you can do yourself and other tweaks.

The build Quality and material

I like the outer surface of this Laptop ,the textured gold ball like outer surface makes it easy to grip. Don’t drop it though as it will easily smash as most laptops. I had one issue with it though is that there is no removable battery or easy access hatch for easy Hard drive or Memory upgrade. You will have to disassemble the entire laptop to get to any of the internals. This is only a problem if you are thinking of repairs later. I do fix a lot of Laptops so I tend to look at repair ability in my reviews. Beside this one sore points this is otherwise a great laptop.

What can I do with this Laptop?

I do recommend that use this Laptop for web browsing, watching or streaming your videos. It can handle regular Game play of simple game from the windows store easy. For more advanced Games you can place them on low settings and still be able to play. Just remember this is not a Gaming Laptop but it does handle tasks you can throw at it well. It also very affordable which is one of its main selling points at being priced at the great price it is.

I would recommend this Laptop to students in high school or college. It can also work for movie streaming around the house or for mom or dad to use to get things done like doing research or web browsing. Its speed is great and as long as you clean and maintain the Laptop it should continue to run and perform the same way.

Buy this great Laptop right now and enjoy the great deal.

Why you should buy this Laptop:

1.Great price.

2.Great specs for watching movies, listening music and doing regular computer tasks.

3.Good battery life.

4.Lightweight which makes it highly portable.

Also do remember to do these key things when you get a new laptop.

Why you may skip this:

1.No product is without its flaws and it battery and Hard drive and Memory are all internal meaning you will need to disassemble the entire Laptop to get to get the main components in case you need to upgrade something or change a component.

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7 thoughts on “Acer Aspire ES 15 Review

  • Ruth

    Hi. I charged my new Aspire Es 15 for 6hrs before use. Was it appropriate? The dude at the shop told me the battery life was 5hrs max with regular use but the battery filled charged says it will last three hours. I’m scared I have been scammed and the Cd plate doesn’t open either. Help please.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      First make sure that the CD/DVD tray actually is one sometimes its the space newer Laptop may or may not have them. See if you see a button and the DVD writing. You can force eject the Tray if its stuck with a Paper clip in the small hole. Next if you are not getting the rated battery life I suggest you check the power opr battery setting and make sure its not on high performance and on something like balanced or power saver. Also check the box or documentation for rated battery life. If not satisfied then take it back for a refund.

  • Janie

    Thank you your review was most welcome
    I have now ordered the acer aspire es 15 in red looking forward to its arrival tomorrow 😀
    its great you are here for us thank you

  • Moegamat taariq

    Hi , I’m a student at university and i bought this acer aspire ES 15 laptop yesterday which is still in its box. Is it good enough as well as fast enough for internet use like browsing and streaming? I don’t really do gaming, so will I get my money’s worth?