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Have you ever had a phone or other device where you were stuck in an options menu or by mistake your changed the Language to another one in error and you are now stuck. Or maybe your device is English but you entered a special menu and you can’t understand a thing due to the strange language? Well in today’s tutorial I will be showing you how to Translate any Phone Menu or screen to English from any language.

How can I use this?

If you have a device and end up in a strange non-English menu or screen you can use this tip to get out or understand the options on-screen. This can be really helpful in cases where you need to change a phone or other gadget such as a car stereo to English.If you know nothing about other Languages don’t worry as this tip will have you understanding the menus of any gadget in other languages easily so you can change settings as you like and back to English or just navigating those menus.

What you will need?

You will need:

1. The phone that’s in another Language.

2. A second Phone or borrow a friends device, preferably Android.

3. A pen and paper.

4. Download and install this app on the second phone or your friend’s phone.

How to Translate any Phone Menu or screen to English from any language?

So lets start off with a practical example:

So you have an Android phone that is English but when you enter a special menu as you need to perform a task  you find out that the menu is in another language and was not translated to English.What do you do?

1. First get a second phone or a friend’s phone and install the App Google Translate.

2. Now open the app and on the main screen set the language to auto detect and set to translate to English. If you know what Language the menu is in then set it to that language.

3.Tap the camera and take a sharp picture of the menu on-screen or select a picture you took from gallery. Make sure you have a active internet connection and the App will translate the text on-screen. For faster translations you can download the language pack for the language you are translating.

Translate any Phone Menu or screen to English from any language

4. Once you can read the on-screen options you can now navigate. You can jot down what the options mean on-screen say on a piece of paper and create a menu structure. Once you reach a new screen simply repeat the process and you can now navigate the menu or set the device back to English.

Do note the translations may be jumbled up if you translate a block of text you can highlight specific lines for translations or translate and separate out the options by using your head.

Video Demonstration

The video demonstration below will show you how to do this using a specific situation. To see exactly what I mean you will need to skip the video to time stamp 04:29 which is where this video will be relevant to this article. The first part of the video does not apply. also note the app can be used in different situations and on any gadget.

How I applied this to solve problems?

I recently had a device that had a Chinese menu and I used this exact method to translate the screen and fixed the issue as you saw in the video above if you watched from the start. You can read the full article here.

Do share your thoughts on this tip and if it worked for you please share your exact situation and how it helped. This could help someone else who is in a similar situation solve their problems. Please leave a comment and do also share this article and as always feel free to read more of our articles and posts.

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