How to factory reset every China phone with Chinese Recovery 81

Today I would like to look at how to factory reset every china phone with Chinese Recovery for those who have an Android device that’s from a Chinese manufacturer as when you enter Recovery mode you notice the device is in a Chinese language that you do not understand making it next to impossible to navigate or perform a factory reset on your device. Most users do not realize their issue as the normal Android interface of their phone is in English and when they have a problem and need to hard reset with the button combination they find the recovery in Chinese.

What can I use this Guide to do?

In this article I will show you how to navigate said menu on a china phone which recover menu is in Chinese and perform a factory reset on your device to fix various issues such as being stuck on the Android boot screen or logo, too many pattern attempts or forgotten password, stuck in a boot loop or other issues with your device.

Note that this will erase all data store directly on your phone before you proceed if it’s not booting up then there is most likely no way to back up your data now and this is your only option.

What devices does this Apply to?

How to factory reset every China phone with Chinese Recovery

As said most users think there device is totally English or from America only to go into recovery to find the language to be Chines, this can happen in any brand of Android phone or device such as BLU or those Samsung Galaxy Clones, or phones that are manufactured in china. You can buy these phones anywhere and not think twice you only notice when you try to access recovery and notice it’s not in English as most Android devices tend to be.

Video Demonstration

Watch the video below to see how its done as I show you step by step instructions on how to reset your device:

How to factory reset every china phone with Chinese Recovery?

How to Navigate the Chinese phone interface:

1. Turn off your China Phone or smartphone.

2. While its off press the volume down key, home key and power button at once and keep holding until you boot into recovery mode.

On some devices there are variations such as holding volume up instead of down and if there is no physical home button on your device leave that out while attempting the button comination.

3. It’s from here that you will be seeing Factory reset mode that should be in Chinese, you are most likely scratching your head as you have no clue what all these symbols mean, read on to see what to do:

How to factory reset every China phone with Chinese Recovery

Chinese Recovery Menu

4. In the order they are given the options  read:

Factory Mode Menu

1. Manual Test

2. Individual Test

3. Test Results

4. Debug Test Options

5. Wipe eMMC

6. Version Info

7. Reboot

The menu might vary a little from device to device with the amount of options available.

5. Use the volume up and down keys to move up and down accordingly and power to select.

6. Go ahead and select the option that’s really easy to spot with the Chinese writing with “eMMC” at the end that stands out or in most cases the 5th option which means: Wipe eMMC by navigating to it and tapping the power button to select.

What if my menu is a bit different?

If your menu is a bit different or you don’t see the menu option clear or wipe eMMC then read this article here to see exactly what your menu options say.In your case either you are in the wrong menu or the naming of the options have been changed up a bit and the option you are looking for is under a different heading. Who knows it might be another language.

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It will start the wiping process so give it some time and it should wipe and reboot your device automatically.

That’s it on how to factory reset every china phone with Chinese Recovery easily I hope you were successful in getting your device wiped, feel free to leave a comment or two and do check out our other articles we have much more to share.

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81 thoughts on “How to factory reset every China phone with Chinese Recovery

  • Joseph

    Well my clone note 2 has the chinese menu but the thing is is does not have the (emmc) at the end at the 5th option it does have first 2 chinese symbols but with 2 more chinese symbols.When you hit the option it just restarts the phone. I already took the phone to 3 phone shops and no one can do anything. It doesn’t connect via usb and it has the network off. Do i just destroy the phone ore it has a miracle factory reset option?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Once its Android it should have the Option Joseph, its either you are in the wrong menu or the wording of the menu is a bit different. If I can see the screen I would be able to help, can you take a screen shot and upload it to a free image sharing service, Also if its ok with you could I use it in this article as a reference for other with a similar menu setup?, also do not give up just yet on this device.

      • Cnagna

        Hi Ricardo. I am in a mess I have tried to factory reset my Teeno China phone but it isn’t working. I don’t have the privacy protection password. Please help. Thanks.

      • POSI Dauda

        hi, my phone wont even boot into recovery mode at all, ive tried every button combination, it just boots up and ive forgotten the password. it has no home button, just the volume and power bottons

  • Marilyn Ozor

    I was not able to factory reset my galaxy note II clone. Instead of eMMC it has MMO and my home button works the same as the volume up and down key to scroll through the options. Could you help me reset my phone?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      The capacitive menu button may be used as select or tapping power, as for what the screen is saying without a picture its hard to figure out. Here is a trick you can try but it will require another android phone and a app called: Google Translate. When you open the app select the camera and choose translate from Chinese to English or set it to detect the language for you and point your phone camera at your Chinese phone menu and it should translate your screen to English from there its a easy matter of reading and selecting the correct options to reset.
      Hope that helps, sometimes we have to get a bit creative.

      • Keith Bates

        Thanks that helps, but I have one other question. When I loaded Google Apps my Irulu tablet started to react slowly and would also freeze. My question is was it the download of Google Apps or something else. My tablet uses Android 5.1.1.

      • 661dustin

        I’m try n to reset a Chinese note 5 and after i select the “eMMC” it takes about a full minute to restart.
        I thought it worked but the pin lock reappears. I do get access to the home screen but anywhere from 2 seconds to 30 seconds later the pin lock shows up again??? I was expecting the google lock screen so i could bypass it. But the reset didn’t happen any ideas?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      The phone should restart that’s normal but it then should be like the first time you got it out the box setup and all. I will be updating the article soon with a video demonstration that shows everything including how to read the menu yourself no matter whats written on screen.

    • Gayathri

      I entered eMMC option and it shows the similar thing like you showed in a video that reads data…but after that process it doesn’t restart the mobile…again goes the same thing …long press the power button and normal boot key and displaying same Chinese options ….pls do rply

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I have given you a video to watch plus I showed you how its done in written form and finally the video shows how to translate a screen from another language that can work on any phone. Take a breather and read and watch the video it contains all you need. If this cant help you nothing else will my friend.

    • Cj

      It keeps saying “bootdev is busy can’t format” no matter how many times i tried, i did it for more than 10 times now QwQ…. saw similar comments in other posts, nobody has an answer… please help… i have an Alldocube iplay30.

  • Peter

    Excellent blog Ricardo. I followed your process and cleared my eMMC but my strange problem still remains. I have a UMI eMax and some time ago I allowed the battery to fully deplete until the phone died. Since then it will only charge when turned off but still works perfectly after charge. Also it can no longer connect to my pc by USB. I have enabled USB debugging. I have replaced the battery, the usb board an usb to motherboard cable without success. Any ideas what else I can try

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Thank you.Your case seems to be very peculiar, I have never encountered a case such as yours. I think your attempt at changing out the battery or USB connection was a wise move despite not being successful as that might have fixed it.

  • Cristina

    Hi I had buy today one phone Oukitel U7 Plus but I can’t enter my password because it s say me that ui sistem stop and I try to factory reset but it s say me that e MMC is busy can’t format , retry what can I do?pls help

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I have the same device, sadly though I have had no issues resetting my device after selecting e MMC, I suggest that you actually try to format your device and install the old or a updated firmware on your device. Seeing the situation this is the only other option I see working.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Brother the article gave you all the tools you need to translate the screen all you have to do is read and try the tips and you will know what the options on screen mean, from there you can figure out the rest.

  • nick

    I did factory reset on a chinese mobile, hope S8, and its requesting phone code. I have tried codes 1234, code 1122, 3456, 5678 but its not working, can you help pliz

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I think it asking for your Google account that you had associated with your phone especially when downloading Apps. The lock is probably the FRP or Factory Reset protection mechanism. Simply use your Google Account and Password. If its a phone lock there should not be any unless you locked the phone or set a PIN.

  • tamer nagy

    when i do this for my i phone 7 clone , it work and give me the menu but the power button does not work ” select the option emmc clear ” and the phone stuck on the menu becouse the power button did not work to shut down too

    please tell me what to do .

  • Pete

    Hi, I can go to the DFU mode of my fake iPhone 7 but after I cannot choose any option. When pressing power on button it is not happening anything. Now I cannot exit from DFU mode and cannot select any options here. Can you please help me? Thank you!

  • Sethukumar

    Okay with everything information that you gave … But may I know how much time will it take to start the wipe.. I pressed power button several time but no response… Every button is working exactly… But my phone is still in ideal state

  • blen alemu

    thank u again but my phone says no cellular data available after that. what can i do?…..I try every suggestions including network reset and others. and am afraid if it is because of the factory reset?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Can you make calls? Note that when you reset a phone you may have to renter your Networks settings to be able to browse the Internet. call your provider and ask for the settings or ask them to push them to the phone.

  • King Kikisamo

    Hi, Sir i tried to factory reset my samsung a3 Enes a Chinese phone but, unfortunately still goes back to passcode entry interface… and this mobile dosen’t have emmc but i just press the fifth button

  • JC

    You did good. I was wondering if you would mind answering how I get out of this endless loop of gmail address and password? I type both in and it sends me back to the beginning. Thanks!

  • Napi Koteka

    My Chinese anddroid tablet cannot be troubled, because of missing from the system files, such as bb chip, md board, ime 1 & 2, android version, sw ver and cistum bluid verno. See if you can help me figure out how z can get back the system’s files.

  • Oscar Byaruhanga

    Oh my friends, i have got a problem with my TECNO F1. it cant be Flashed, technicians failed, hard reset has failed, all apps have stopped.i do not know what to do.
    i am Oscar From Ntungamo, Uganda.

  • Daniel Lai

    Hi Ricardo -need your advice. I have actually “deleted eMMC in Android Recovery Mode
    but after that the tablet bricked showing no command. What may I have done wrong. Model :Mediatek. Is there anyway to salvage my tablet.? Many thanks.