High Data Usage on iPhone 7 or older devices Fix

Experiencing  High Data Usage on iPhone 7 or an older device such as the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 and so on? well luckily you are not alone on this regard. Take a breather as the issue happens allot to users of these devices. The culprit in most cases is caused by a few settings you are not aware of that’s causing excessive data usage. When you remove or  disable them your data usage should return to normal or you should have a lot more mobile data left over.

The Problem

Most users realize they have the high Data Usage issue after upgrading their device to IOS 10 or above. It can also happen in other cases as well so don’t rule your case out.

What causing the Problems:

In most cases a setting or new feature know as Wi-Fi Assist is causing the issue. This feature allows you even when connected to Wi-Fi you will still use mobile data to boost the signal or internet connection in cases where the connection is not as fast or the signal is not as strong.

This feature can be useful in some case but when you are not aware of it or simply need WiFi and not your data to be used this can cause trouble such as using up your data faster than you are aware of without you knowing the cause.

High Data Usage on iPhone 7

How to fix the Issue?

To fix the Issue you can disable Wi-Fi Assist by:

1.Go to settings.

2.Next select cellular

3. Scroll all the way down and look for the setting: Wi-Fi Assist.

4.From here simply disable or turn the feature off.

Additional Tip: Disable Background Apps

In addition to the above you can also :

1.Go to setting.

2.Select background App refresh.

3.From here disable any app you don’t want running in the background and updating.This can save a lot of data, also remember not to disable critical apps you need to keep running in the background and keep you up to date. When you need update from those apps you disable you can manually launch them.

Final Thoughts

There you go that’s how you fix the issue of High Data Usage on iPhone 7 or older devices. Please let me know if the above tips was able to solve your data issue, it would be great to know your story as you can also share your experience with other readers in the comments below and as always please share this article with a friend as well.


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