Easily Get your Nintendo Switch Joy-con Wrist strap unstuck from the controller

So you finally did it! you got your Nintendo Switch Joy-con Wrist Strap stuck in the upside down position. You would think designers would by now get the gist and make sure these things can only go on the correct way and no other way when it comes to gadget design. Well if it’s now stuck on your device pretty good and does not budge don’t try to force it off or that will only break your expensive controller and you will need to shell out top dollar to replace the Joy Con controller.

How to get your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Wrist Strap Unstuck Easily?

So do the following to dislodge a stuck Joy-con wrist strap the correct way without breaking your controller the correct way if you get it stuck upside down:

Get your Nintendo Switch Joy-con Wrist strap unstuck

1. Look at the top of the Joy-con next to the wrist strap you will notice a white plastic tab push the white tab out horizontally to move the wrist strap to the unlock position it should make a snap sound once unlocked.

2.Look above that you will see two black prongs that make up the lock part of the mechanism and whats holding the wrist strap in place. Use a tool such as a flat head screwdriver or similar device and gently push up on the two black prongs .

3. Now that the prongs are loose the wrist strap attachment should effortlessly slide right off the Joy-con. easy as ever.

Now for the future make sure to pay attention while putting them on so you don’t place them on incorrectly again.

In case you Broke your Joy-con:

In case you got impatient and broke your Joy-con for some reason you can get a new pair or the right or left controller below.

It seems Nintendo dropped the ball on this problem and did not foresee the issue of some users placing the Joy-con strap on incorrectly. Hopefully it will happen only to a few users and if not lets hope you found your way to this article before you broke your controller out of frustration. It can be really tempting when things go wrong or get stuck to force things to get them unstuck.

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