How to Fix Yellow Triangle or No Internet Access

It happened again you are using the internet in the late hours of the morning and without warning the Website you are trying to load indicates you have no internet access. What the! you check the internet connectivity status in the bottom right of the screen and you notice a Yellow triangle and on hovering the cursor it says no internet access. Crap you need the internet now and you don’t know what to do.

Does the above sound like you? well the Yellow Triangle or No Internet Access problem happens more times than you think. In today’s article I will be looking at how to fix Yellow Triangle or No Internet Access issue 100% each time this happens yourself. I have had this problem happen to me countless times and I use the method below to fix the issue every time without fail.

What is the Yellow Triangle or No Internet Access problem?

How to Fix Yellow Triangle or No Internet Access

On Windows when the operating system is unable to make a clear connection to the internet various internet status symbols are used to indicate what possibly could be wrong. When you do not have internet connection on your current connection a Yellow triangle with an exclamation is show in the bottom right of the system tray of your PC. This indicates that something is wrong with your internet connection or it’s not configured properly and you will be unable to browse the internet. The issue can happen at random based on your Internet service provider (ISP) and various other factors weather with your PC or environmental factors and so on.

How to Fix Yellow Triangle or No Internet Access?

Please note before we begin that there is no one solution to this problem and troubleshooting the issue will take a little time. I suggest you try the steps one after the other until one fixes the problem for you.

1.Reset your Modem: The first thing you should do when you have this issue is to Reset your Modem by plugging it out for a 1-2 minutes and plugging it again. Now try browsing after your modem boots up again.

2.Remove all Relays: Do you have a complicated setup such as connecting another Switch or Wireless router to your modem before it reaches your computer? Temporarily disconnect such connections and connect your computer directly to your Modem or internet source without relaying the internet through anything else.If this fixes the problem something might be up with your other devices or their configuration.

3.Restart Your Computer: Sounds dumb but go ahead and restart your computer I have had cases where everything looked fine and could not figure why my internet was out only to restart my computer and bam the reboot solved the problem instantly. Doing this sometimes works best right after you reset your Modem as in step 1.

If that Fails sometimes a reboot does not work and you will need to do a full shutdown and then cold boot. In other words power down the PC completely and then power on again.

4.Repair the connection: Right click the Yellow exclamation in the bottom right of the screen and choose: Troubleshoot Problems, allow the PC to do its thing and attempt to fix the issue, sometimes it will fix the issue right away,if it finishes and nothing happened do not worry. You will in most cases be given additional options such as run or try the repair as an admin or administrator, if you see this option choose it. Repair can in most cases fix the issue.

5.Check your Cables:This one is highly unlikely but not impossible, I suggest you check your cables or replace the one that runs from your Modem to your PC a faulty cable might be bad or poorly made and causing the issue and the problem has just shown up so switch it out.

5.Your ISP Might Be at Fault: This one is the worst as in these cases you can’t do anything but if your Internet service provider is experiencing issues it might be their fault and all you can do is wait. To figure this out Check the internet status on your modem if it shows you an issue with the internet which varies based on internet connection then you can assume its your provider.

You can give them a call to verify and if not simply call a friend with the same internet connection in your area and see if they have the same issue, if they do its your ISP.Another possibility might be a fault with your connection or at your home so if all else fails have a Technician look at the issue from your ISP.

Final Thoughts

I do hope you found the tips above useful in fixing your Yellow Triangle or No Internet Access problem as it has helped me on countless occasions. Please do take the time to leave a comment below you can always ask for help and do share this article on the internet with a friend.


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