How to Encrypt your Galaxy S8 MicroSD card

Did you know that while your Galaxy S8 is password locked and protected the same cannot be said about your MicroSD card? well it has been this way for the longest time even on older device, all someone has to do is remove your SD card and they can actually connect your SD card to a PC and they can read your data and access everything that stored there. Today I will be showing you How to Encrypt your Galaxy S8 MicroSD card. In this way you can protect the contents of your SD card.

What Will you be doing?

You will be Encrypting your MicorSD card so that if some one removed it from your device and try to read it on a computer the data will be scrambled and all they will see is gibberish and they will be unable to view anything.On the other hand once you have your phone you only need enter your PIN and you can view your files on you device or computer as normal.

How to Encrypt your Galaxy S8 MicroSD card?

Encrypt your Galaxy S8 MicroSD card

1.Go to settings.

2.Next go to Lock screen and security.

3.Now look for the option Encrypt SD card, from here you should get some info on encryption. Do note that depending on how many files you have on the SD card it may take some time to encrypt. Go ahead and start when you are ready, small amount of files will be finished quickly.

4. You will need to enter your current pin for the process to start . When the process completes your SD card is Encrypted and no one will be able to simply remove your SD card and read its contents.

If you want to reverse the process completely its simple, the option for Encrypting your SD card will now change to Decrypt SD card in the Samsung Galaxy menu. Remember you will not need to Decrypt your SD card to use it and should only be used if you want to make your SD card unsecured again for some reason. Simply used the card as normal knowing  your data can’t be stolen and accessed once encrypted.

Benefits of Encrypting Your SD card:

1.If some one stole your SD card while encrypted and place it in a computer or their phone they will be unstable to access your files they will only see gibberish.

2.Only your Galaxy S8 will be able to read your SD card as it has the decryption keys. But also you will need to prove the Pin or Password to the device before it can do so.

3.The SD card can still be formatted outside the phone and be used again but your data will be secured.

4. The only way to make your card readable in another phone is to Decrypt it before placing it in another phone but that will remove the protection from the SD card.

5. If anything where to happen to the phone the data on the card would be lost, you can still format the SD card but you wont be able to access the encrypted files. You can always connect your device to your computer periodically and backup files as you normally do though.

Final Thoughts

Encryption is a powerful too to have and while the SD card is not encrypted by default its a very good idea to do so to your SC card after all it could be the difference between your personal pictures and files being all over the place in case your phone gets lost or stolen. Please take the time to share this article and do leave a comment below asking a question or sharing your views.


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