GeekZone Galaxy S8 Slim Fit Crystal Clear Case Review

So guys I finally got my hands on the GeekZone Galaxy S8 Slim Fit Crystal Clear Case which I have been waiting on in what feels like forever. FYI I love slim fitting cases and I have always gotten then for my phone as they make my phones look less bulky. So for the Galaxy S8 I decided to do the same thing. So this is my second case, the first is still cool and has its charms but slim fit cases is where it’s at for me.

GeekZone Galaxy S8 Slim Fit Crystal Clear Case

The case is designed for the Galaxy S8 from the ground up. The best features is how light this case is and how it maintains the slimness of the phone. This keeps most of the shape of the S8 unlike most other cases that hides its shape and natural beauty. The case itself is made of silicone rubber gel and its resistant to scratches, oil and dirt from your fingers.

GeekZone Galaxy S8 Slim Fit Crystal Clear Case

The cutouts for the ports are on point and leave enough room for any accessory in my experience. You can go for colored options but I went with the crystal clear version. It slides unto the phone really smoothly and gives a sense of a firm grip in your hand. It also feels as though if the phone where to drop you would be protected. I suggest you also pick up a solid screen protector preferably ones that is tempered glass to go with this case.

Video Unboxing and Impressions

Here is the Video unboxing and impressions of this great product.

Where can I buy this case?

You can purchase this case below from Amazon.

Why buy this:

1.Very slim and does not make your phone bulky.

2.Protects your phone from Scratches, dirt and oil.

3.Very good price.

4.Offers great protection for your phone around the edges and sides.

Why skip this?

1.Be sure to get a screen protector that works with this case as some tempered glass screen protectors might not be compatible.


I would definitely buy this GeekZone Galaxy S8 Slim Fit Crystal Clear Case again, It’s a great buy and best of all its affordable. I really can’t complain as it’s a solid buy. It’s always nice when you buy an item and its meets or exceeds expectations.I am sure you will be satisfied with it if you where to purchase it.

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