Fast Wireless charging VS Fast wired Charging Galaxy S8

So as you may know the Galaxy S8 and other similar devices now have Fast Wireless charging which speeds up the charging time over regular wireless charging which should mean less time with your device left for charging up overall. In today’s article I will be testing Fast Wireless charging VS Fast wired Charging Galaxy S8 to see how well it works.

As you may already know Fast Wired charging is pretty quick and loved by many and slower wireless charging is convenient because of the lack of wires but you sacrifice that convenience for slower speeds normally.Then now there is Fast Wireless charging which has improved the speeds but by how much?

Fast Wireless charging VS Fast wired Charging

In this test I used a cool wireless charger that I recently reviewed and My regular fast wired charger that came with my Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S8 battery was drained to 4% around where you normally get the charge warning message twice and both charging methods used to charge the devices back to 100% charge. You can watch the experiment video and see the results below if you want to see how both compare.

Video Demonstration:

See the results below in the video


First the regular fast wired charging was able to fully charge my phone from 4% fully in 1 hour and 36 minutes. While the Fast Wireless charging took 2 hours and 50 minutes to fully charge. So as you can see fast charging is twice as fast as Fast wireless charging. Also who knows with future improvements and updates to the Galaxy S8 those time may even fall more.

It should also be noted that Fast Wireless charging also makes the Galaxy S8 heat up allot compared to all other forms of charging.

My Thoughts

I love that the speed of Fast Wireless charging has improved the charge speed over regular wireless charging which is really slow. It’s still not perfect but at least its bearable now and you can get a nice charge. The heat that’s produced is a bit unsettling but the Galaxy S8 should be fine as its sensors should warn you if things are getting too hot. Otherwise you can even cool the phone while it charges with a fan or something if you are worried.

I do hope the above shed some light on Fast Wireless charging VS Fast wired Charging Galaxy S8 and other similar devices. If you have any questions please ask them below and do share this article with a friend or two right now.


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