How to remove iPhone X Notch?

Some people love it and think it’s not bad once you get accustomed to it while others think it’s the worst, What am I talking about? well its the iPhone X Notch and it going to be there whether or not you like it and there is nothing you can do about it or is there? Well all joking aside today I will be showing you how to remove the iPhone X notch. So if you don’t like it you can now remove the notch with some very creative apps.

For this tutorial I will be recommending two main apps that you can download below. One is free and the other is a paid app that’s pretty  cheap but goes a long way.

Recommended Apps

The Two Apps for dealing with your notch problem are shown below and you can go with either as you only need one.

1.Notcho -Free app (Watermark)

2.Notch Remover -Paid App

How do these Apps Work?

These apps work to remove the notch on your iPhone X status bar by doing some creative editing to your wallpapers which adjust for the Notch and makes it virtually disappear.

How to remove the iPhone X Notch?

remove iPhone X Notch

1.Download the App and launch it.

2.Import a picture you want to set as a wallpaper and adjust to your liking.

3.When finished adjusting save your adjusted picture. Find the adjusted picture in your gallery and use or set as your wallpaper. You can align the picture and set it and that’s it.

Now when you look at your phones home or main screen you wont see the notch and your iPhone X will take on a more traditional look.

Where did the Notch Go?

The Notch is not actually gone and if you launch a normal app you will realize it still there the wallpaper is only hiding it and it will reappear under some conditions.

If you are having issues with Live Wallpaper not working for the iPhone X then you should definitely check out the fix .

Make the Notch less Visible in General without an app:

1.Go to settings, wallpapers and choose a wallpaper.

3.Go with a wallpaper with a Black background and this will remove or hide the notch when set.

Final Points

So I hope you have found a convenient way to remove the iPhone X notch I know you can’t actually really remove it but the adjusted wallpaper makes it blend in so well that it looks as if its not there. So my request is that you please share this article and leave a comment below. You can also check out some more of our other great articles.

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