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The iPhone X is one of the most popular smartphones released in a while and you can bet there are fakes or clones circulating out there. In today’s article we will look at how to spot a fake iPhone X. The real device is super expensive and is one of the most expensive smartphone out there and the last thing you want is to be tricked into buying a cheap knock off. Using this article you should be able to identify a fake easily and avoid a scam or get a refund on your purchase.

Spot a Fake iPhone X

iPhone X fakes or clones look allot like the real deal and the creators are always trying to make their copy that the more convincing but the trick is always to pay attention to the finer details. Apple is really meticulous when it comes to the design and build quality of their devices which most fakes can’t reproduce.

Also note that there is no universal list of things to look out for as fakes are made by various groups and they simply produce and get these units out there. So employ some common sense and the points here.

How To Spot a Fake iPhone X

Things to look out for:

1.Packaging: Take a close look at the packaging especially if its sealed and take special notice to anything that might stand out such as sloppy packaging, dirt on the inside of the wrapping, shabbily printed text, poor printed pictures on the box or weird wording on the box. Also look if on the inside of the box you have materials such as foam and bubble wrap which are things apple would not be caught dead with on the inside of their boxes.

2.Package Contents: Pay special attention to the accessories that come inside packaging. The accessories should match all other iPhone X models out there, if you get older accessories or stuff that should not be packaged with the iPhone X then its most likely a fake. Also fakes tend to come in unofficial colors that Apple don’t offer and the phones is usually plastered with weird stickers at the back for some reason.

3.The Display: The iPhone X has edge to edge display and you should watch out for that on the display along with the Notch at the top. Also don’t be fooled by software generated notches that blocks out a section of the screen to look more convincing.

4.Signs of Android: Most iPhone X if not all are a well skinned version of Android that’s made to look like iOS. There are signs there at times such as on booting where you will see these signs if you have ever used an Android device they will be apparent.

5.Face ID is Fake: The fakes can’t reproduce Face ID so they create a fake imitation that does not actually work.For those that seem to work it simply unlocks when it sees you are looking at the phone which can be unlocked by another person.

6. Performance: Most clones are really buggy and  slow in comparison to the real iPhone X which should have no lag especially for a new device.  If you look at settings such as storage and what version of iOS is running on your device the information presented is all fake.Also if you can run a benchmark software and compare the scores to other iPhone X units out there you will realize your score is way off.

7.No Siri: Try launching Siri, fakes don’t have Apples assistant installed and you may get some other weird assistant.

8. The Camera: Some of the main iPhone X camera features will be missing such as image stabilization and the quality of pictures and videos will be poor at best with advanced image features and overall quality lacking. Things may even lag while using the camera.

9.Build Quality: Build quality of fakes is usually poor, in that it looks convincing but the back should come off quite easily without tools and you can notice other imperfections in the build.If you can open yours up the internals will confirm this is only a cheap lookalike.

10. Red Flags: As I said earlier these fakes don’t subscribe to a single design code and they will try to reproduce as much of the look and feel of the iPhone X as possible that includes gestures and so on. So look for anything that is off in the physical phone or the software such as the Quality of the display and more as the real deal has a very high resolution screen and more.

Final thoughts

I do hope you learned enough about How to spot a fake iPhone X or a iPhone X clone and you know exactly what to lookout for when buying a new device especially in person. If you shop online be sure to only buy from reputable sources and if you use eBay buy from Top rated sellers. Also remember if the price sounds good to be true I guarantee you its a fake 99% of the time so always keep on your toes.

If you have any questions or comments please take the time to actually leave a comment below and I sure to respond. Also do check out a few more of our articles and share this one.

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