How Transfer Whatsapp messages to another device?

Today’s tutorial is quick and simple if you know how. So as you might have guessed from the title we will be looking at How Transfer Whatsapp messages to another device.

Why you may ask? well silly, you may have allot of important messages you have received and you would love nothing more than to have them transferred to your new phone.

So whatever the reason I will show you how to migrate your Whatsapp messages to a all new device without loosing any of them.

What you will need:

You will need

1.Your primary phone.

2.Secondary or new phone.

3.A Google Account.

4.Internet connection of course.

How Transfer Whatsapp messages to another device

Transfer Whatsapp messages to another device

To perform this feet you will need to:

1.Go to Whatsapp on your main phone and select settings.

2.Next Go to Chats,then Chat backup and finally backup. If you need your videos as well be sure to check the box to include them.

3.Once the backup is finished to your Google drive account take notice of the associated email.

4.On the new device go ahead and sign into said google account and associate it with your new phone.

5.Install Whatsapp on the new phone (You may want to move the old SIM card over as well) . Once you verify device using the activation method. Whatsapp will give you the option to restore your data from last backup.

Go ahead and restore and in a few minutes all your old chats will be loaded unto the new phone easily.

Additional Tips:

1.You must use the Gmail associated with the original phone to restore Chats.

2.You may need to move the SIM card over to the new phone or at last use the old device to activate the account on the new one.

Before you Go

So that was not to hard on How Transfer Whatsapp messages to another device. I suggest that you leave a comment below sharing your experience or ask any question you like.

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