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It’s another year and as usual there are plenty fake or clone Galaxy S10 on the market. This article will show you How to spot a Fake Galaxy S10. This should be relatively easy if you know exactly what to look for.

What is a Fake or Clone Galaxy S10?

As the name suggest a fake or Clone Galaxy S10 is a device that’s not made officially by Samsung. These devices for all intents and purposes looks almost the same at a glance.

On a detailed inspection though you will find that these Fake Galaxy S10 devices are nothing compared to Samsung’s main flagship device.

Problems arise when someone purchases or tries to pass off these devices as the legit item. So if you want to avoid fakes read this article.

Devices this will apply to:

This will apply to The Samsung Galaxy S10,S10+ and S10e which is Samsung’s latest and greatest devices to the date of writing this article. The fakes are usually produced by the Chines counterfeit market and cost significantly less than the real deal.

How to spot a Fake Galaxy S10?

How to spot a Fake Galaxy S10
Spot a Fake

Be sure to look out for all the following:

1.Packaging: Look out for shabby packaging or Plastic wrap that not neatly done. Also look for irregularities with the font and information provided on the back of the box such as spelling and incorrect information on the specifications of the S10.

Also contents of the package is usually different or slightly odd looking to the original such as inclusion of bubble wrap.

2.Very Cheap Price: Prices of a Fake or clone is usually one tenth the price of the original. They can be more but price is usually on the cheap side. They may even pass the fake off as the original with expensive yet reasonable offering to draw customers in.

3.Lame Stickers:Some may have odd stickers on the back of the device.

4.Performance: In my experience the Clones are often laggy. This is slower than the speed of the real Galaxy S10 which is usually fast and lag free especially out the box.

5.The Software: In most cases the clones are not truly running Android 9 or Android PIE. The software may say Android 9 but you will notice most times it does not have the look of the Samsung One UI, this may change later though.

6.Slow WiFi: The Galaxy S10 has the latest WiFi standards and providing you are on a good connection it should work fine. On the clones WiFi performance is very slow especially for decent download sizes.

7.Geekbench Test: Download Geekbench here and run it to look at the processor information. Now cross reference the official specs from Samsung to the ones shown in Geekbench. Also run the performance test,The Galaxy S10+ has a score of about 10,732 Multi-core score.

The clones should have a very low score of around the range of 1000. In some cases Geekbench may even fail before giving a score with a fake or clone device.

8.No Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner:The Galaxy S10 has the beneath the screen Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner. The fakes actually simply fake the feature so go ahead and setup the feature which will complete but notice that any finger even ones you have not registered will open the phone.

Also in these cases with the fingerprint scanner just about anything will open the phone as the device is imitation the unlock process.

9.Inferior Cameras: A big feature of the S10 is the inclusion of the all new cameras for wide angle shots will is missing in the fakes. In fact in most case the fakes have crappy low resolution cameras. This is evident in video quality and pictures.

10.Inferior Build Quality: The Galaxy S10 has glass on the back as well as the front. The clones are made out of plastic especially the back. So the premium glass on the back of the device is gone.

Additional Things to Look out for:

1.No wireless charging.

2.Secondary cameras are fake and only place holders.

3.Samsung Software such as Kies or Smart switch cannot detect the device as a official Samsung device.

3.Fake Iris scanner is include which has been removed from the Galaxy S10.

4.The bezels tend to be thicker.

5.The audio quality does not compare. The S10 has really loud speakers which the fakes tend not to have.

6.Always buy from Samsung or a reputable dealer.

7. If the price is too good to be true its usually a fake.

Where to Buy the Real Deal

You can purchase the real deal from Samsung or a reputable seller as Amazon.Below is a link to the real deal.

Before You Go

Thanks guys for tuning in and checking out my article on How to spot a Fake Galaxy S10. I hope the article was able to answer your questions and solve your problem.

If not then please take the time to ask your question in the comments and share this article. I would also appreciate it if you could please check out our other articles.

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4 thoughts on “How to spot a Fake Galaxy S10

  • Barry

    I wasa going to buy an S10 from Back Market just before starting this search on what to look for in fakes. They have a warranty and 30-day return plan, but r still probably from China. Have you or anyone heard anything negative/fake about Back Market phones? An S10 goes for about $500.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Personally never heard of them. I would still be careful though even with claimed warranty as they might not honor those. Did you look at eBay as reputable sellers often have deals if I recall sometime sin the $500 + or so price range.Better to be safe than sorry. By the way those are refurbished phones and not 100% new phones. Price sounds too good right now for a new phone if you ask me.