Whatsapp My Status Couldn’t send Fix 6

Today’s error involves Whatsapp and when you try to add a Picture or Video to your status and you get the Whatsapp My Status Couldn’t send error.

If you are in a similar situation do the following and you be able to solve the issue as we did.

The Error:

The error which is exclusive to Whatsapp will result in any Image or Video you try to add to your Status will say : Couldn’t send even if you retry you will be unable to add the media to your status.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the following video tutorial or read the instructions below to see what to do.

How to Fix this Error:

Whatsapp My Status Couldn't send

In order to fix the Whatsapp My Status Couldn’t send problem you will need to:

1.Check your Internet connection, a slow connection or one that not working as it should can cause this error. You should switch Internet connection or reboot your router if its been on for a very long time.

2. Update the Whatsapp application, if there is a update you will want to be on the latest version as newer versions are more stable and have the latest bug fixes.

3.Go to settings and make sure the Date and time is correct, its best that its set in this case to automatically update as if its not correct it can affect the functionality of some apps.

4.Sometimes the issue is not with your phone or internet connection but with the file itself being uploaded. If its a video or Picture try converting the picture or video to a new format and try sending again.

You can find Video converters and Picture converters in the app store. After converting try sending again.

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6 thoughts on “Whatsapp My Status Couldn’t send Fix

  • Srinivas Raj G

    Wow, that’s a nice information. Thank you!

    Here I have a different issue, i.e whenever I send the documents like pdf,doc,txt format files over whatsapp web shows in red alert “couldn’t send this message” but If try on cell phone its working fine, all file formats are able to send. this issue only over WhatsApp Web. gone some googling for solution, it didn’t help. My cell phone is moto g6 plus, android 9 with good internet connection speed and whatsapp is uptodate and windows 10pc is uptodate also in win 7 pc, tried firewall/antivirus off in status but this also failed.

    Any suggestions …