Remap Bixby button to any App Galaxy S10

Did you know you can remap the Bixby button to any App you like on the Galaxy S10,S10e and S10 Plus. Best part is that you don’t have to get any additional apps as the feature is built right into the Samsung Galaxy S10.

This is a welcomed feature that users have wanted for a very long time. You can also set the Bixby key to run quick commands as well.

As for me I have my Bixby button set to open the camera when I press it.

How is this useful?

You can now officially remap the Bixby button and set it to any App or command you like. This means if you wanted to you could have the camera or Instagram open when the key is pressed plus much more.

Video Demonstration:

See our video and follow along to do whats written here.

How to Remap Bixby button to any App?

Remap Bixby button to any App Galaxy S10
Remap the Bixby Button

In order to Remap the Bixby button to any app simply:

1.Go to settings.

2.Now select Advanced features.

3.Now look for and select: Bixby Key.

4.Now select the second option that says:Double press to open Bixby. And then turn the toggle on beside :Use Single press. Next tap the text and select the gear icon beside Open app.

Now choose the app you want open such as Camera.

5.That’s it you can close the menu or back out of it. Go ahead and press the Bixby once to see the app you selected open.

What about the Bixby Function?

Don’t worry the Bixby function is still there all you have to do is double press in order to access Bixby Home as normal. But the single press is now dedicated to the app of your choice.

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