Bluetooth connected but No Sound Fix

So you connected your Bluetooth headset, Speakers or Headphones to your Android device and all of a sudden there is No sound despite the device being connected.

I had this very issue happen to a friend of mine and the following steps were used to deal with the problem as with other Bluetooth issues we have encountered here.

The Issue:

This issue usually happens with a Android or Samsung Galaxy phone that you are trying to connect to a Bluetooth Headphone,Speaker or other similar Bluetooth device.

Usually no matter what you do you will be unable to get sound from the already connected device.

Bluetooth connected but No Sound

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video tutorial and see exactly what to do.

Click play to see video

How to Fix Bluetooth Connected but No sound

1.First be sure that the Bluetooth volume is turned up to a high enough level on your phone. Also be sure that the Volume is turned up as well on the Bluetooth device such as the Bluetooth headphones (Use the physical volume wheel or button).

2.Next if the above failed then go to settings, connections and then Bluetooth and turn it on. Next click the gear icon beside the Bluetooth device you are trying to fix.

Next turn off the option for Calls,Audio and Input device (On older devices there will be only two options with different names). Hit back and then go back to the setting and turn all three back on. Test to see if the issue is fixed.

3.As in Step 2 above go back to the Bluetooth option but this time disable all the settings of Calls,Audio and Input device go back and then go back to the setting and turn on the settings for : Audio and Input device and do not enable Calls option.

On older devices enable only Media Audio and leave the one other setting off.

4. Next go to settings, General Management and go to reset.Finally Go and select :Reset network settings which will reset Bluetooth and other related settings. Don’t worry your data will be fine.

5.Unpair your phone and the Bluetooth device and then repair them once more.

6.If all the above fail then try to pair your device with another phone and if it works with that phone the issue is with the phone so consider doing a total reset.

If the issue is the same on another phone its most likely the Bluetooth headset at fault in which case do consider replacing or repairing it.

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