Fix Attention Make sure Fingerprint sensor is clean and dry Galaxy S10

This is how to Fix the Attention Make sure Fingerprint sensor is clean and dry Galaxy S10 problem. So if you have encountered this problem for the first see below for the solution to this issue right now.

So guys don’t fret simply relax and take your time and try the suggestions given and you will be good in no time at all.

The Error:

The error which will pop-up on screen reads:


Make sure the Fingerprint sensor is clean and dry, then try again.

Attention Make sure Fingerprint sensor is clean and dry Galaxy S10
Fingerprint Scanner Error

Also when this error happens your phone will be unable to scan your fingerprint at all.

How to Fix this Error

1.It goes without saying that the first thing you should do is make sure your finger is actually dry and clean. Clean the display especially around the Fingerprint sensor.

I suggest that you wash your hands with soap and dry it properly.

2.Erase some of your old Fingerprints by going to :Settings,Biometrics and security, Fingerprints and erase or remove a few of the ones you have stored.

After this try adding your Fingerprint a new. Also try different fingerprints.

3.Make sure your screen protector is not interfering with the detection of your Fingerprint.

4.Warm up your hands by applying some heat and then try adding your fingerprint once more. Its also recommended if your hands are very dry you moisten them up a bit with some lotion and try again.

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