How to Hide Private Pictures and Apps on the Galaxy S10

Every one has a bunch of pictures or a few Apps that they don’t want seen by everyone that may use their phone.

If only there was a way to hide Private Pictures or Apps on the Galaxy S10 so that only the owner of the phone could see them. Well guess what there is actually such a method.

Today I will be shown you a very secure method to hide any Pictures or Apps you have on your phone that you want to keep secret. Best of all unless you know the password you wont be able to see or access these Apps and pictures.

How its all done?

Now in order to do any of this we will need to setup the Secure Folder on your device.

How to Hide Private Pictures and Apps on the Galaxy S10

1.From the S10 Home screen swipe down twice to access the quick toggles. Swipe over once to the right and select secure Folder. Now choose the option to Show secure Folder and done.

2.Go to your Apps tray and go to the last section all the way on the right. You should see the secure folder icon.

3.Enter your Password or fingerprint. After this you will be in the secure Folder.

Click Play

4.You will have two options Add Files which includes pictures as you can choose Gallery (Add from main Gallery) or choose a icon in the folder such as Camera to have a picture taken straight to the Secure Folder.

5.You can choose add Apps to move a App from your phone to the Secure Folder or Install one directly from one of the main App store.

That’s about it and the best part is that you can add other stuff such as Emails and almost any file can be hidden away in this Folder.

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