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Did your Samsung Galaxy S10 suddenly become hard to navigate and keeps on talking or reading stuff on screen? This usually happens as the kids were messing with your phone and some how it ended up like this.

Trust me when I say this happen more than you know. A lot of people did not even know there device could behave like this until it happened in error.

Below we will show you how to disable the Talk back or Voice Assistant mode and return your Galaxy S10 to normal.

Why is this Happening to my device?

The feature Talk Back or Voice assistant is often turned on in error or unintentionally. The feature is meant as a special means of controlling your phone without needing to see the screen.

This is to aid blind or other forms of visually impaired person to use a smartphone.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video guide below and see how its all done step by step.

Click Play to see Video

How to Turn off Talk back on the Galaxy S10?

To turn off Talk back or the Voice Assistant simply:

1.Use two fingers to touching the screen at the same time to scroll up or down. Tap once to select then double tap to make the selection.

2.Go to settings, then Accessibility, Screen reader and then select and turn off Voice Assistant.

3.Once off your navigation should be back to normal.

If you want to turn on the Talk back feature simply do the reverse of the above and turn the feature on.

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