Artlii Energon 1 Lights Blinking not Powering Up

So I own a Artlii Energon 1 Projector which is a great device by the way you should definitely check it out.I was not using it for a bit recently and decided to take it out for Movie night.

Once I plugged it in and had everything setup I pressed the power button as I always do and then nothing but the lights on the Touch pad of the Artlii Energon one simply started to flash on and off and would not stay on as when it would power up before.

The device was completely useless as it would not start up and was basically dead in the water. After hours of troubleshooting I was able to figure out a fix and I have recorded it here for you guys and I hope you appreciate it.

The Issue:

Projector will not power on as normal when plugged in and power button on touch pad is pressed. Lights on the touch Pad flash on and off constantly but projector does not turn on at all.

In my case the issue arise after the Projector was stored for a long while.

Video Guide

Watch my video guide to see this problem and how to fix it as well easily.

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How to Fix the Problem?

In order to Fix the Problem of the Artlii Energon 1 Lights Blinking not Powering Up simply as I did.

1.Once plugged in and touch Pad on the Projector is blinking go ahead and try pressing power which should not work (Its worth one last try).

Artlii Energon 1 Lights Blinking not Powering Up
Touch Pad on Projector

2.Instead this time go ahead and press OK and the directions keys side,up, down, left and right. The projector should power on and the lights stay lit. If they don’t repeat the process at least two more times.

3.Additionally if that did not work go ahead and get the remote that came with the projector. Press the power button which is the circular icon at the head of the remote or top.

Additionally if that does not work go ahead and press the OK button and all the direction buttons on the remote and it should power on. You may have to repeat this step a few times.

Additional Troubleshooting Measures:

Additionally you can try these tips as well.

1.Make sure the projector is receiving power at the wall. IF its on a extension temporarily plug it in directly at the wall.

2.Make sure that the power switch next to where the plug is inserted is switched to on. Please note that this switch is different than the touch sensitive power button.

Lights on the keypad blinking usually indicates the device is powered.

3.Make sure the power cable is functional and not defective.

4.If you use your device heavily and had it for a long time now the Lamp may need changing.

One More thing

One more thing before you go and I think this is the most important part. Make sure to share your story or results in the comments, that way others can know if this works for others as well. Who knows maybe its just me.

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