Whatsapp Slow, not responsive or crashing Fix Any Samsung

So I launched Whatsapp recently to find that its was very slow. It would either stop at the Whatsapp logo on startup, go to the main screen and then Freeze or stop and in some cases crash or become unresponsive.

Now this guide will show you how to effectively fix this issue with whatsapp. So read below and find out what to do in order to fix this issue.

What devices doe this apply to?

This applies to any Samsung smartphone such as any Samsung Galaxy e.g.Galaxy S10,S20,S9,S8 and just about any Android.

Video Tutorial:

Watch this video guide to see what to do step by step.

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How to Fix this issue?

1.Go ahead and power off your phone and then power it up again.

2.Now if that did not fix it go ahead and close the app oit of recent apps and relaunch.

3.Go to settings, Apps and Find Whatsapp and go to storage and clear Cache and try the app again. If that fails go back to the Apps, storage area of Whatsapp and select Clear data.

After clearing data be warned that you may loose some messages. Launch Whatsapp and activate again and have your messages that were backed up restored.

4.Uninstall the app and then install it again and restore messages and that should fix it.

5.Give the app some time as it might be a Whatsapp issue and it may automatically resolve itself before long.

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