iPhone Apps Crashing Constantly Fix

This is our guide that will be looking at iPhone Apps Crashing Constantly Fix. So if your Apps or any App on your iPhone is crashing without a good reason constantly the following tips will show you what you can do in order to fix this problem.

By the end of this guide your App or Apps should be up and running once again. I do hope you enjoy the article and that it works in fixing your problem.

Devices this applies to:

This applies to any iPhone such as the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro max, iPhone x, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and so much more. It can also be applied to any iPad that out there as well.

Video Tutorial

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iPhone Apps Crashing Fix

In order to Fix the issue of Apps crashing on your iPhone or other iOS device try the following.

1.Go ahead and swipe up from the bottom center of the screen. You should now be in the recent apps menu, go ahead and swipe up and close out the app with the issue.

As a added measure close all apps to free up space in memory. Doing this should allow the app to run properly the next time its launched.

2.Go ahead and power off your smartphone. You can so so by holding power (sleep Wake button) and volume down and slide to power off. You may be prompted for the password. After restarting try the app again.

3.Go to the App store, click on your profile picture for your account. See if you see Apps to update and click update all to update all your Apps. Updating apps can solve the problem with crashing apps.

4.Find the Apps with the issue and long press and hold, you should see a x in the upper left of the icon, press it. Delete the app. Go to the App store and download the App over afresh and launch.

5.Go to settings, General and software update. Now download and update if a update is available. This way you will have all the latest bug fixes which may fix your crashing app.

6.If your storage is too full you may find that you have little space for apps. Free up space on your phone by deleting unnecessary pictures and videos. Also remove large space hogging apps such as Games you don’t play or need.

7.A apps may be messing directly with the Apps that crashing. Uninstall any recent app you may have installed and test to see if that fixes the issue. You can re-install it once more later if its not at fault.

8.If all else fails backup your device and do a complete reset. Doing this should fix just about any issue regarding crashing apps but bear in mind it will erase all your data.

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