Lock Whatsapp on iPhone without any App

This is how you can Lock Whatsapp on iPhone without any App. All you need is already built into whatsapp so there is no need to download a thing extra once you have the app.

Best part is that this will use Face ID for newer devices such as the iPhone 11 series of phones and either Password or Touch ID for older iPhone’s.

Please read the directions below and easily Lock your Whatsapp right now.

What Will you be doing?

You will be locking your Whatsapp with a built in lock feature. It will use your devices regular lock to also lock Whatsapp. This will make things private as for example on the iPhone 11 you would need face ID to access your messages.

Video Guide

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How to Lock Whatsapp?

This was written directly with Face ID in mind but do note that this still apply to older devices with slight differences in options.

1.Launch Whatsapp on your iPhone.

2.Now at the bottom of the screen select settings.

3.Next go to Account and then Privacy and then screen Lock.

Now select Require Face ID (May say something else on older devices) and you can leave the option on immediately.

That’s it you can close the app and relaunch and allow permission to use Face ID or other security measure. Notice Face ID is used to unlock your Whatsapp now.

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