How to Share WiFi by QR Code

Did you know that you can share your WiFi access by QR code. Yes you can and this can easily be done on Samsung Galaxy devices. Other devices as well from Android should be able to do it as well.

With this tip you should be able to Connect any Phone to WiFi without knowing Password. This is a solid way of connecting to a WiFi once and then you can share it without knowing the password.

There are other ways this can be used as well and with that I suggest that you use these tips responsibly.

Requirements for This:

In order to share your WiFi by QR code you will need.

1.A Samsung Galaxy (May Apply to other Androids as well) .

2.The Samsung Will need to be connected to a WiFi Network that you know the Password for or not.

3.One or more phones you want to connect to the Internet. These can be Android or any other smartphones including iPhone.

Video Guide:

Watch my video guide and learn how its done.

Click Play and watch

How to Share WiFi by QR Code?

1.Unlock your Samsung Galaxy and swipe down from the top of the screen and access the quick toggle section.

2. Now make sure you are connected to the WiFi and long Press the WiFi icon.


Go to setting, connections and click the Text for Wi-Fi.

3.Click the gear Icon or on some device click the name of the connection you are on.

4.Click the QR Code Bottom of the screen right right side. On some devices it might be different.You should now be looking at a QR code that you can scan to share the Internet or WiFi Access.

5.On the other device that need Access you will need to either use a built in QR code scanner or download one from app store and scan the code QR Code to be added.

Let me know if you like this new feature as from now on you don’t have to remember WiFi Passwords.Plus once you are connected to a WiFi even if you don’t know the password you can share access, but make sure it OK to do so before doing that.

Bonus Tip:

Did you know you can decode your WiFi QR Code and see the Password, this can also be the same for any QR Code for WiFi Access. To learn how to do this read this article: How to decode WiFi QR Code.

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