Instagram Account Compromised Fix

This one is for anyone that’s getting the Instagram Compromised error. If you see this message as outlined below I am sure you are really panicked and probably freaking out about now.

There is essentially no need to be as this warning or error can easily be dealt with once you better understand it and why the error itself happens.

I will walk you through the process and show you what you can do step by step to have this problem fixed. In no time you will be back to normal and be able to use your account as normal.

Why is this happening to Me?

1.If you Install third party Apps that Interface or Interact with Instagram and require permission to access you are account you may get this error.This includes follow unfollow apps or those that automate processes on your account.

2. Having weird links in your Bio or random weird links that change often in your account.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video tutorial now and see what to do step by step and fix this problem for your self. You can find the written version below.

Click Play

How to Fix the Problem?

1.Uninstall,disable or remove any third party Apps that’s interfacing with your account.

2.Did you forget your Password and attempted repeatedly to access your account recently. This may have flagged your account.

3.Change your Bio and do not post strange links or random links for a while.That is if you do that often. Also strange text or characters may trigger the system.

4. Someone might have actually being trying to access your account. Go ahead and change your password and set a more secure password. Follow best practices of using a long password with special characters, numbers and capital letters.

5.Try uninstalling and reinstalling Instagram, this usually in some cases can be used to fix the issue and return things to normal.

6.Contact Instagram and let them know in cases that your account is not compromised that for example you use third party Apps that access your account and the activity is normal.

Make sure that the Apps and actions you are taking though is in alignment with Instagram Terms of service as you don’t want to report yourself for something that will get you in trouble.

7.Bonus tip you may also find that reviewing your liked activity and unliking some older posts may also help out. Be sure to be mindful of your activity moving forward and do not do anything that may make you seem bot like or automated.

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