iPhone Battery Draining Fast IOS 14 Fix

So this one is for anyone that have updated to IOS 14 or are on IOS 14 and your iPhone Battery Draining Fast. I will look at whats happening and what you can do to fix the problem.

Do note that every situation is different and that these are only potential solutions that may work for some and not for others. Despite your frustration we are going to see how best we can fix the problems presented.

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The Issue

As described your battery is draining abnormally fast which makes it impossible to use your iPhone as is. This can be from the severe where it seems each time you look at the battery percentage it has lost power to sharp drops while the phones doing nothing for just a few minutes.

Whatever the battery situation you know your phone best and can tell normal from rapid battery drainage.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the following video to see what to do in order to fix your problem.

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How to Fix this Problem?

Here is what you can do to fix severe battery drain issues with your iPhone that’s been updated to IOS 14 or that’s running IOS 14.

1.Reboot your Phone:Go ahead and reboot your phone and let it boot back up afresh. I have seen cases where this was the issue, highly unlikely but lets start from a fresh boot.

2.Update All Apps: Go to the App store and click your profile picture upper right of the screen. Now update all Apps that show a update. Apps that are outdated or not compatible can cause problems such as battery drain on your device.

3.Uninstall Problem Apps: A poorly coded App could cause issue and is best uninstalled or find a alternative until a update is completed. To see if a battery draining App is causing your problem go to settings and then battery.

Scroll down and look at battery usage by App. See if any App stands out that’s abnormal especially if you don’t use it or it should not be using so much power. Find the app on the home screen and uninstall.

4.Check for Updates: Do a software update of your phones operating system. If its a general bug Apple will eventually release a bug fix or a more stable version of IOS so go to settings, General and then Software update.

5.Backup and Reset: Sometimes Updates don’t go too well and as a last resort a reset is whats needed. So go ahead and backup your phone and go to settings, General, Reset and Erase All content and settings.

After setting your phone up again don’t restore right away and test to see if the battery drain is gone. Go ahead and restore your files after being satisfied. In some cases issue may continue if you do a restore using a software but you should know exactly whats happening after doing this.

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