Fire HD 8 10th Generation Tablet Review

I finally got my hands on a Fire HD 8 10th Generation Tablet for review. This will be a overview of my experience with the device so you can make a educated decision as to weather the product is for you or not.

The Tablet comes with a variety of storage options of 32 GB or 64Gb respectively. Its also a very affordable Tablet and one that will come across your radar if you are searching for a budget offering.

There is a Ad supported and a Ad free version in the offering. The Ad supported version offers the tablet at a steep discount provided you don’t mind the Ads. The choice will be yours in this regard when purchasing.

You will also have four (4) colors to choose from. You can guess which version I went with, black all the way baby. You can also choose white, Blue and Plum based on your personal preference.

The main Specifications

In case you need to know the main specs and what this device has to offer in performance:

  • 8″ High Definition display.
  • 2X the storage. Choose between a 32 or 64 GB of internal storage and up to 1 TB with microSD card.
  • + 2 GB RAM.
  • All-day battery life with Up to 12 hours of reading, browsing the web, watching videos, and listening to music on a single charge.
  • USB-C for easier charging. Fully charges in under 5 hours with the included cable and adapter.
  • New 2.0 GHz quad-core processor (30% faster).
  • Enjoy your favorite apps like Netflix, Facebook, Hulu, Instagram, TikTok, and more through Amazon’s Appstore (Google Play not supported).
  • Introducing Game Mode – A distraction-free and optimized gaming experience.
  • Hands-free with Alexa, including on/off toggle.

Video Tutorial:

Watch my video tutorial that shows a full overview of this product, its features and what to expect from the Fire Tablet from Amazon.

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My Experience

One of the first things you must know about the Fire HD 8 10th Generation Tablet is like all other Fire Tablets is that its running Android but with Amazon skin on top.

The Tablet is mainly designed to consume Amazons digital products from Movies, apps, Video, Cloud services, Games, Shopping and so much more. With that in mind you will find that everything you are looking for is already offered by Amazon and the Fire Tablet brings those resources together in one place.

This is perfect if you already own a Amazon Account and use Amazon for everything then you are right at home. Its simply works as it relates to Amazon products. If you are however seeking a pure Android experience to run Android Apps without hiccups or issues then this is not the Tablet for you.

I say the above not to discourage you from buying but to show you what the Tablet is best for. If you already use Amazon for shopping and use there other services and need a device to access Music, video from them and more then this is ideal for a adult or child.

Going to mainly Run Google Apps Read this:

If however you need a device to run Google Apps especially to run Googles core services this is not the Tablet for you. You will need another Tablet for that.

I say that because while the Apps can be found and installed they are done so through the Amazon App store and its slower to update its library of Apps than the Google Play Store.

You will also find that some apps will need components from Google for example and that App cannot be found in the Amazon store or is not supported. Once you understand this fact and know what your Tablet is going to be used for you can easily know if this Tablet is for you or not as I have outlined.

How does it Perform?

For using Amazons services Fire HD 8 10th Generation Tablet works wonderfully and is ideal as a Gift. The camera quality is good and works wonderfully in direct lighting.

You can use all your favorite communication apps and enjoy your movies from Amazon and other streaming services as well. But without a doubt the best services that work really well would be those from Amazon.

I love that you can load a large SD card for additional storage as the built in storage is so small. Additionally everything else you could ever want is available through some service or App provided by Amazon so you will be fine.

Buy Yours Now

You can purchase your Fire Tablet from the link below, do remember to also pick up a case as well.


I personally recommend Fire HD 8 10th Generation Tablet provided that you know what you are getting. If you want a hard core Android Tablet that intended to run Google Apps mainly then this is not for you.

However if you need something to consume Amazon services from streaming, Music, Shopping then go ahead and buy this. Its also good for basic communication apps, browsing and enjoying your media in general. You also have the Alexa assistant that takes voice commands, a wonderful camera that takes OK pictures and Amazon services at your fingertips.

Why buy this?

1.Very affordable device.

2. Great performance.

3.Has lots of offerings from Amazon.

4.Amazon Alexa ready with voice commands.

5.Great expandable storage option with SD cards.

6.Enjoy your regular core Apps: Netflix, Social media and more.

Why Skip this:

1.You should be aware that while this device is Android at its core its not ideal for running core Google Apps or some other Apps as a purely Android device.

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