How to Create AR Emoji Updated

This guide will show you How to Create AR Emojis. The AR Emoji feature has been updated for the Samsung Galaxy devices and features lots of new additions compared with the old version.

Old AR Emojis that you created will not work with the updated versions and you will have to recreate your AR Emoji. There is now a new Augmented reality addition as you can place AR Emojis into the real world using augmented reality.

I have always loved this feature and I am sure you play around as well with the stickers and other features that come with AR Emoji.

Devices to Get this on:

The feature is available on All Samsung Galaxy devices.I suggest that you update your smartphone with all the latest updates and update your Galaxy Apps as well.

Devices such as the Galaxy S20, S10,S9,S8, Note 20,Note 10, Note 9 and others all support the latest update to AR Emoji.

We did a Video Guide for you:

We did a guide to explain things better as well as show you what to do.

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How to Use Ar Emoji?

In order to find and use the feature along with creating your own AR Emoji

1.Open your Camera and go to the more tab bottom of the screen and click Ar Zone upper right. OR Go into your Apps and look for or search Ar Zone.

2.In Ar Zone click on the first option for: AR Emoji Camera.

3.Click the + and take a picture, select the first option for make, second female and last two for children and hit next.

4.After your character is generated you can customize the look. The generated image wont be perfect so make edits as necessary. The better the lighting in the environment as you take the picture the better the generated results.

5.When you are satisfied with your edits go ahead and generate your AR Emoji. Notice you can select the character on the main screen and overlay in reality with the mask feature. There is also a play option at the bottom of the screen for Augmented reality where the character is overplayed in your environment.

That’s it , you can now play around with the feature as you like.

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